Ottawa’s 9 Most Neglected Home Cleaning Tasks

House Cleaning OttawaKeeping the house clean in Ottawa is hard work. Among all of life’s competing priorities, when it comes to deep cleaning the spaces of our home, we’ve got limited time and energy to devote to cleaning. It’s only natural to make a cleaning routine that prioritizes the biggest problems first, but all too often this causes us to neglect the little things. Enviropure is a master of the ‘little things’ that separate a good cleaning job from an exceptional one, so consider our list of Ottawa’s most frequently-missed house-cleaning tasks next time you deep-clean the house! Read more

Cleaning Up After Sump Pump Failure

Basement mold removalMany believe that sump pumps are simply accidents waiting to happen. The integrity of your home and health of your family depends on the consistent operation of this machine, and a sump pump’s consistent operation depends on the integrity of it’s weakest parts. Sometimes it’s mechanical failures, sometimes it’s power outages, but all it takes is a sump pump quitting for a short period of time to suffer massive consequences. Learn what these consequences are, and how to deal with them, with Enviropure. Read more

Getting Rid Of Cigarette Smell

Cigarette Smell RemovalHave you ever walked into someone’s home, or sat down in their car, to have your nostrils assaulted with the lingering odour of cigarettes? Highly proficient at soaking into even remotely porus surfaces, even a single cigarette can lead to odour that can last for weeks. Because of this, developing a cigarette-smell problem is very easy. Getting rid of it is something else. Find out how with Enviropure: Read more

Getting To Green – How To Tell Which Cleaning Products Are ACTUALLY Environmentally Friendly

Green Clean Ottawa‘Greenwashing’ is a term that is becoming more and more known every day. Clever marketers present products and services as being environmentally friendly to pander to those who take environmental stewardship seriously, but are only interested in maximizing profits. Among all the not-so-green ‘green’ products, there are products that are legitimately environmentally conscious, but finding them can be tough. Learn the tricks marketers use to trick you, and you can make getting to the real green products easier. Learn how with Ottawa’s Enviropure. Read more

Where to Look for Household Mold

mold removal ottawaThe house smells musty, and the air feels thick, heavy, and distinctly uncomfortable. You’re certain you’ve got a mold problem, but no matter where you look, you just can’t seem to find it! If you’re like the hundreds of Ottawa homeowners who struggle with mold every year, knowing where to look to find the source of the mold can be a major struggle. Learn where to look and how to properly eradicate mold with Enviropure. Read more

Secrets To Keeping The House Clean

House cleaning OttawaThe old adage is that you can work hard, or you can work smart; and the same is true of keeping the house clean. Having to work a full week, only to consistently have to throw more hours in on the evenings and weekends to have a home that provides a minimum level of peace, is not a recipe for happiness. Instead of throwing hours of labour at the problem, and your peace out the window, consider how you can change how you approach the problem of an untidy home to bring about the tidy home you’re entitled to.
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How to Pick the Best Mold Removal Service

Ottawa Mold RemovalEnviropure has long been an Ottawa provider of mold removal services. With that in mind, it might seem that this article is shameless self-promotion. This is not the case. We believe ourselves to be the best mold removal service in Ottawa, and are willing to prove it by demonstrating to you how to get the absolute most value out of mold removal services, no matter which service you choose to hire. Consider these tips to get the absolute most for your money in Ottawa for mold removal.

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