Why You Need Professional Mold Removal

Mold can grow unseen for a long period of time and if it isn't found and treated properly it will continue to grow, increasing the overall health risks associated with mold. Ottawa mold removal is a job that should be left to the professionals and here are a few helpful tips on how to choose the best mold removal specialist. The source of your mold can be difficult to find and even more difficult to eradicate. If you believe your home amy be suffering from mold, contact the mold removal professionals for a completed Ottawa mold inspection and corresponding mold removal.

Enviropure has a team of trained professionals to treat and remove mold from your Ottawa home, ensuring the mold does not return. If you believe your home may have a mold problem, whether you can see it or not, contact the Enviropure mold removal team today for fast, professional mold removal.





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Why Choose The Ottawa Mold Removal Experts



Enviropure's team has acquired many certifications including the ABRA and IICRC certifications, as well as extensive training in mold inspections and removal. We pride ourselves on having a highly trained, professional team to handle all mold removals, ensuring the highest quality results.

Fast Response


Enviropure understands the importance of eradicating mold as soon as possible, as mold only gets worse with time. Our mold removal team is available and ready for any mold inspection and removal s soon as possible, including emergency services when needed.

Health Benefits


A proper and professional mold removal can produce many health benefits, as it eliminates the health risks associated with mold. These health risks can include Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrom, nasal congestion, eye irritation, and other allergy symptoms and more.

The Main Causes Of Mold

There are many things that can cause mold to grow, however the most common thing associated with the causing mold and enabling it to grow is moisture. Mold can begin to fester anywhere that moisture is present, such as flooding, indoor plumbing and build materials. Mold also does not require light to survive, meaning it can live and grow in dark, unused spaces. For more information on household mold and where to look for it check out our blog.

If you sense any type of mold in your home the best thing to do is to contact Enviropure's Ottawa mold removal team and have them complete a mold inspection. If mold is found it will be properly and swiftly removed. 



Proper Ottawa Mold Removal Process

There is mold and pollutants in many homes in Ottawa; with our humid climate this is an almost inescapable fact. If you suspect that your Ottawa home may have mold contact the Enviropure team for a mold inspection, with a certified mold removal team.Our team provides you with a full mold inspection, along with mold removal and mold remediation services, ensuring your air is cleaning and your home is safe for you and your loved ones.

Our process begins with the an Ottawa mold inspection, allowing us to identify all the factors contributing to the growth of mold in your Ottawa home. Once the mold inspection process is complete we analyze the severity of the situation and create an Ottawa mold removal plan, combining certain mold removal techniques and tools. To ensure the mold does not return we use IICRC restoration principles, eliminating all the factors that led to the mold and its growth. We also take a second precaution to help ensure the mold does not reutrn by informing our clients of the causes that lead to their mold problem, so they can help to prevent it from occurring again.


Ottawa Mold Health Risks

Mold produces many types of health risks for those who are frequently around it. Enviropure will complete a full Ottawa mold inspection to find the source of the mold. Once the soruce has been establish our Ottawa mold removal specialists will completely eradicated the mold and all its associated health risks. There are many types of mold and associated health risks, including:

  • Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
  • Nasal congestion, eye irritation, and other allergy symptoms
  • Aggravation of asthma symptoms, such as wheezing and coughing
  • Severe reactions from long-term exposure such as shortness of breath
  • With chronic lung illnesses, mold infections can develop in the lungs

It's vital that you have any mold in your home removed by a certified professional for your health, and so the mold doesn't quickly grow back. Our team can provide you with a full mold inspection, along with mold removal and mold remediation services, ensuring your air is cleaning and your home is safe for you and your loved ones. To learn more about why you should have your home inspected for mold read our blog.


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