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Our Passion Is to Provide a Thorough Cleaning – On-Time at a Great Value

At Enviropure we are passionate about providing safe, environmentally friendly cleaning services to create a healthy and beautiful environment for you and your loved ones. We provide honest, budget friendly services while maintaining a high level of quality in all of our services. Our team is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Meghan McCarthy

I was blown away by the staff’s attention to detail when they cleaned our place. They seem to balance high quality work with a really quick turnaround time. I will definitely use them again. Highly recommended!

Lianne Fortin

The team from Enviropure arrived shortly after 9:00 on Monday for a deep clean; they were courteous and professional and worked non-stop for the pre-arranged length of time. I really wanted under the kitchen sink cleaned but forgot to mention it, Jade caught it and made sure it was spotless, as were the other areas of the home they did! We will definitely use them again.

Liz Mitchel

The Enviropure team did a fabulous job of cleaning our condo. The hard to reach corners, from the ceiling fans to the back of the toilets were left spotless. The kitchen cupboards, stovetop, counters and sink were gleaming. The workers were pleasant, efficient and took pride in their work. We are now scheduled for regular cleanings and highly recommend them.

Lynn Miller

Enviropure cleaning team arrived on time at my home yesterday morning. I was amazed at how Jessica was able to clean it. It now looks new again ! The other rooms in the house were thoroughly cleaned and dust -free (important for me since I am allergic to dust). I am so pleased with this team of women who cleaned my home. I am left wondering why I was so reluctant to call earlier. I can now breathe easier and feel more relaxed about having Enviropure clean my home. Wow !!!!! Definitely 5 stars !

Tim McKee

Booked Enviropure to do a ‘pre showings’ cleaning for a weekend open house. The Team clearly knew what they were doing and did an amazing job! Oh, and we got 4 offers that weekend!! Thanks so much!!!

Our mission is clear

At Enviropure our mission is to leave your space fully cleaned not only on a surface level, but also on a deep level not visible to the naked eye. We can carefully removal any harmful bacteria, mold or allergens that may be affecting the air quality of your space. This guarantees that your home is a safe and healthy space for you and your family.

Enviropure also strives to create a natural cleaning experience that doesn’t include the use of any dangerous chemicals. We’re confident when you choose Enviropure you will be fully satisfied with our high level of service and expertise. Whether you are remodeling your home, moving or just looking to do some spring cleaning, you can trust Enviropure to get the job done right. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Some benefits of choosing Enviropure include:

  • Industry professional from a wide range of specialized areas
  • Jobs done on time guaranteed
  • Wide variety of cleaning services
  • Fully trained and experienced staff
  • Free consultations
  • Honest, up-front pricing
  • Over 8 years of experience in natural cleaning
  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Fully licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Founded on the principle that a family’s health is vital
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Enviropure Home Cleaning

Our Services Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Enviropure today.

At Enviropure we strive to be professional, natural and caring. We use all-natural cleaning materials and supplies, unlike other cleaning companies that may use harsh and even dangerous chemicals to clean your space. Our team is carefully trained to provide the highest degree of quality cleaning available to our clients.

‘Botanical Cleaning’ is a natural cleaning process, one that uses materials and supplies that are derived from natural substances such as essential oils.

Botanical cleaning products are not only great for the environment but also great for people who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin. These natural solutions are free from materials that contain harsh chemicals or flammable substances that may irritate the skin or cause respiratory problems.

Enviropure serves all of Ottawa including; Barrhaven, Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, Backburn Hamlet and Stittsville. Contact our team of experts today to find out if we serve you!

Deep cleaning is the process of not just cleaning on a more visible level, but also carefully removing all dirt and grime from less visible areas around the home.

This includes:

  • Washing baseboards and framework
  • Spot cleaning of walls
  • Cleaning of light fixtures
  • Cleaning in and around appliances
  • Cleaning closets
  • Cleaning under and behind furniture

Deep cleaning is recommended once or twice a year. Contact Enviropure today to book a deep cleaning appointment today

Strong odours such as, pet urine, smoke or cigarettes may be seemingly impossible to remove from your home. This is because many people often simply mask the smell with common household cleaners or sprays instead of removing the substance from the space. Professional cleaners can carefully extract the substance, sanitize and clean the space to ensure that no smells will linger in your home.

Contact Enviropure today to book an appointment for professional odour removal today.