The Dangers of Hoarding

The Dangers of Hoarding - Hoarding clothes. shoes, and moreThe Dangers Of Hoarding

Hoarding is a mental disease, a disorder that causes people to live in environments that are hazardous to the health of anyone exposed to them. Fortunately, Enviropure is here to help. Read more

How Green Carpet Cleaning Empowers A Friendlier Home

green-carpet-cleaning-ottawaYou’ve Got A Friend In Ottawa’s First Green Carpet Cleaner

No, we aren’t the first to clean green carpets in Ottawa, but we are the first to clean carpets with green methods and materials! Maybe you’re so committed to living with environmentally friendly values that your once clean carpets have, in turn, turned green. Not only are you building a more sustainable home by choosing green carpet cleaners, you’re empowering a friendlier home.  Read more