What’s Living Inside Ottawa Mattresses

Ottawa mattress cleaning professionalTo you, a bed is a warm comfortable place to sleep at night. To thousands of creepy-crawlies, often your bed offers them the same thing. On a microscopic scale, your bed offers the ideal environment for the flourishing of all kinds of life. None of which do you want in your bed. Find out what they are and how to deal with them with Enviropure. Read more

Why Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

ottawa duct cleaningThe dust, dirt, and general detritus that builds up in your homes duct system is out of sight, and out of mind. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the reality that this unacknowledged dirt and grime has a negative impact on your indoor air quality and the health of your family. So why exactly should you have your air ducts professionally cleaned? Read more

How and Why To Inspect Your Ottawa Home for Mold

An image of magnified mold spores. Just like the dentist, it’s recommended that you schedule regular check your home for the signs of mold. Just like the dentist, this doesn’t mean we want to. While it can be a hassle, in some cases it is extremely useful (not to mention cost saving) to ensure your home is professionally checked on a regular basis. Find out if your home could benefit from regular mold inspections from Enviropure. Read more