3 Tips to Get The Most of Your Home Cleaner

Ottawa Home CleaningWhen it comes to getting the most value out of your investment in home cleaning services, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to get the best clean possible. Consider the following with Enviropure Home Cleaning:

1) Tidy Up

People generally hire cleaning services to perform household cleaning services that are difficult and time-intensive to perform. Deep-cleaning services like scrubbing toilets, sinks, tubs; cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, mopping floors, etc.

Ottawa House CleaningWhen work must be performed to get to these tasks, such as clearing floors and surfaces, emptying the tub of toys, organizing papers on desks, etc; it comes at the cost of reduced efficiency. Any cleaning service has a limited amount of time and energy to perform the tasks you want done. The less time and energy it takes to complete those tasks, the more that can be completed.

For this reason, Enviropure always recommends that those hiring cleaning services perform a quick tidy of the spaces and surfaces they want deep-cleaned. By doing this work beforehand, your service providers will be able to deploy their limited time and energy the way you want them to, deep-cleaning.


2) Communicate Comprehensively

When a client is dissatisfied with cleaning services they’ve received, almost always it’s due to poor communication. Often those new to cleaning services will expect certain jobs done that are not necessarily included in the services they’ve hired. This is why, no matter who you hire to clean your home, a fundamental key to getting the services you want is to communicate your needs explicitly and comprehensively. By agreeing on specific services you’d like done, you can give your service provider everything they need to provide the value you’re looking for.

3) Provide Space and Time

Cleaning an office is made considerably more difficult when its in use. The same can be said of any space. While it isn’t always convenient to leave the house to allow your cleaner to perform their work, anything you can do to provide space will allow them to more efficiently complete their job. Cleaning a space is one thing, cleaning a space¬†and working around residents adds a level of complexity to work that decreases the efficiency of a cleaning service provider. For cleaning of residential or commercial spaces, it’s always ideal to leave the space entirely. Of course this is not always viable, but any effort that can be made to provide a cleaner space is one that will increase the quality of your clean!

House Cleaning OttawaEnviropure Home Cleaning

The three tips outlined above are powerful methods to make your cleaners job easier and therefore more efficient. Taking care of tidying spaces makes cleaning them easier, clear communication guarantees the work you want done to be done, and providing your cleaner space to perform their work means they can get it done as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you’re in the Ottawa region and considering hiring a house cleaner, make sure to follow these steps and consider contacting Enviropure for all your cleaning needs!