4 Things To Tell Your Housecleaner Before Cleaning

A recently cleaned bedroom with the bed freshly made and the hardwood floor shining.
Maybe it’s your first time getting a professional clean, maybe it’s your 100th. In any case, knowing what to tell your cleaner about your cleaning needs and expectations goes a long way to ensuring they’re met! Consider Enviropure’s 4 Things to Tell Your Housecleaner Before Cleaning:

1) Tell Us About Your Pets

A dog resting its head on a freshly vacuumed carpet. Ottawa is a notoriously pet-friendly city. We love our dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles, and our pets love us. But that doesn’t mean that our pets love everyone, nor that everyone loves our pets!

If you have an animal that calls your house their home, it is critically important that you inform your cleaner not just that they are present, but also provide some detail as to their character, mannerisms, and how best to interact with them. It is not always the case that your cleaner will be comfortable around your pet, nor that your pet will be comfortable around your cleaner. In order to avoid any unfortunate interactions, simply speak with your cleaner about your beloved companion beforehand!

2) If You Need To Cancel

You wouldn’t be very happy if someone cancelled short-notice on you for an agreed arrangement, doubly so if it was for business!

One of the best ways to maintain a relationship with your cleaner is to extend the same level of courtesy to them as you would any other service. Of course we recognize that sometimes life happens and proper notice is not possible, but when it is, taking the opportunity to reach out your cleaner goes a long way!

3) What You’d Like Us NOT to Clean.

Sometimes homeowners will hire cleaners to meet general-purpose cleaning needs. Sometimes homeowners will take care of general cleaning themselves, and hire cleaners to take care of the tougher, more intensive jobs.

If you’re in the second group, it’s important that you let us know!

If there are specific jobs around the house you would like us to dedicate more of our allotted time to completing, inform us as to which household cleaning jobs you feel you’d like to tackle on your own. If you don’t mind sweeping and mopping your kitchen, but hate to scrub your tub, let us know and we’ll skip one job to focus on another! Our job is to provide you value by taking the effort out of cleaning your home. If some jobs don’t take you much effort, and others require more, tell us which is which, and we’ll provide maximum value!

4) Tell Us About Any Special Needs

Books stacked on top of each other. Are you sensitive to scents? Perhaps you are allergic to ingredients in some cleaners. Maybe the ‘mess’ that is your workshop or office is a particular form of chaos that you thrive in! In any of these cases and more, you have particular wants, needs, and expectations that can’t easily be determined without you explicitly telling us!

To get around unfortunate mishaps, it’s always a good idea to inform your cleaner as to any of your needs that might not be immediately obvious. Simply let us know, and we’ll do everything in our power to work around your needs to provide you the best clean possible!