Happy family enjoying their home after housecleaning services

5 Reasons To Throw In The Towel: House Cleaning Ottawa

There’s a study that shows on average, how much time we spend cleaning throughout the course of our lives. The answer? There’s a study that shows on average, over an entire year of our precious lives is spent sparkling things until they’re spotless. If that statistic has you contemplating why you haven’t hired an expert sooner, we invite you to dive into our orderly list of reasons why you need house cleaning Ottawa.

1. We’re Clean Freaks Experts

Woman cleaning the exterior of her home's windows with cloth. Not that there’s a problem with cleaning under the couch during commercials, but we’ve put our obsessive cleanliness habits to good use being professional housekeepers. If we’re being completely honest, spending the afternoon dusting the entire bookcase brings us pure *sparkling* joy. Shining bathroom fixtures? Don’t even get us started! While we can understand why scrubbing the bathtub might be a pain to some, we’re excited to fight the grime. Overall, tidying up and is our thing and we’re excited to share our gift with the rest of the world. Give us the opportunity to exercise our passion!

2. You’re A Busy Bee

Working, family time, down time – it all adds up and your week can easily slip into chaos. You’ve got important things to do and you’re stumped as to how you’re supposed to find time to clean with two extremely full hands, and that’s okay. See for yourself how hiring help to clean and tidy up the place will do wonders for your schedule, your stress levels, and especially your overall health.

3. Cleaning Isn’t Fun For You
A very dirty mop.

It’s okay to throw in the towel. Cleaning isn’t for everyone, and to some people, it’s just a breeze but for a lot of people, maybe including you, cleaning is just plain daunting. You’ve always wanted to be that person who dances around the kitchen with the broomstick, happily sweeping to and fro, but let’s face it; it’s time to wave the white, flag. We choose to be cleaners because it’s an enjoyable way to spend our time and we expect you do so something enjoyable with yours.

4. It’s Worth Your Money

The big debate that often pops up with our profession – the expense of it all. Without a doubt, Ottawa housekeeping is worth every penny it costs, and believe it or not, it’s even affordable. Even under a tight budget, investing your hard earned cash in housekeeping is a practical expense that costs you less time and money to hire them than it would to do it yourself. What’s your free time worth to you?

5. You Deserve Some “Me Time”

With all the time you’ll save not having to tidy up and scrub it all down, you’ll have plenty of time to relax, spend time with your family and get back to your hobbies. If you’re ready to catch up with your life in Ottawa, house cleaning is your simple solution.
How does that sound, Ottawa? House cleaning with Enviropure will keep your home clean and your family happy and healthy. Contact us today!