Experienced Asbestos Removal in Ottawa

Asbestos is a highly toxic material found in many older homes and buildings. Asbestos removal must be carried out carefully and thoroughly to avoid contamination. That’s why it’s best to leave asbestos removal to the pros.

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Thorough & Professional Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal seems like a prudent thing to do, because it is. Occupants of a home or office where asbestos exists are exposed to a toxic substance, especially if particles of asbestos should get dislodged and travel through the indoor air. However this also means that, by definition, asbestos removal involves dislodging pieces of asbestos. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced clean-up team to handle your asbestos removal needs with expert care.

At Enviropure, we have years of experienced performing asbestos removal in Ottawa. Our crews are well trained and knowledgeable when it comes to handling asbestos removal that is thorough in its cleanup and safe for occupants when the job is done. Contact us today to find out more & book our services.

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Asbestos Testing

Because we live much of our lives indoors here in Ottawa (especially in those long, harsh winters), we are susceptible to impurities in the air we breathe. Should the building you live or work in contain asbestos, your risk and exposure levels would be considerably higher. That’s why asbestos testing is a sound idea. We can test your indoor air for:

  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Lead
  • Radon

The air we breathe indoors is of the utmost importance. Contact Enviropure today to get a free quote for asbestos testing and indoor air testing in Ottawa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Enviropure today.

While there’s not really such a thing as “good asbestos,” there are degrees of harmfulness when it comes to the presence of asbestos. In some cases, asbestos in a resting state is not spreading any toxins into the air, and can remain in a home or building for years without necessarily causing harm to those breathing said air. The problems really begin when asbestos is “disturbed” and asbestos particles get thrown into the air, causing contaminant issues for anyone breathing the air. Testing for the presence of asbestos is the first step in determining whether asbestos removal is called for. In certain cases, we find asbestos tucked away in a spot where it is in solid state and not emitting asbestos particulates into the air. In many other cases, however, asbestos poses a threat as it could cause particulates to enter the air, e.g. through the HVAC system. That’s when Ottawa asbestos removal is called for.

If not performed correctly by an experienced team of asbestos removal professionals, Ottawa asbestos removal can pose a threat to anyone in the vicinity. When asbestos removal takes place, by its nature the asbestos is “disturbed” and asbestos particulates enter the air. It is thus vital for a professional asbestos removal team to (a) cause as little disruption as possible to the asbestos during removal, and (b) ensure that ALL asbestos is removed not only from the walls & other spaces but from the air as well. If proper asbestos removal protocol is not followed very carefully, inhabitants of the home or occupants of the building could end up breathing contaminated air! Count on the experienced Ottawa asbestos removal pros at Enviropure for a thorough and effective asbestos removal project.

Asbestos is a carcinogen. Asbestos was used in insulation and building materials for many years. If asbestos releases dust or fibers into the air where they can be inhaled or ingested, anyone breathing this air is in harm’s way. Once asbestos fibers are trapped in the body, they can cause health problems – including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Other cancers can also be caused by asbestos. The risk of asbestos exposure versus the relatively small cost of asbestos removal in Ottawa is thus put into perspective.

Yes we can! Air quality testing covers harmful particulates in the air, including asbestos. At Enviropure, our air quality testing service is often the first step to Ottawa asbestos removal. Let us test the indoor air quality that you and your family or teammates are breathing. We’ll let you know what we find, with through & accurate results. If asbestos is found, we’ll then search to find where it is and determine how best to proceed to asbestos removal.

The time needed to perform Ottawa asbestos removal thoroughly and remediate all the air, including re-testing, varies by project. When we give you an estimate on the asbestos removal project, we’ll also let you know approximately how long the project will take.