Air Scrubbing for Allergies & Asthma

Enviropure offers professional air quality testing and cleaning in residential and commercial spaces for those suffering from allergies and asthma in Ottawa.

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Ottawa Air Scrubbing & Testing

At Enviropure we use a variety of methods to help control allergens through the use of professional air quality techniques. These techniques are designed to specifically isolate and remove mold from the air. There has been a steady increase in people suffering from asthma in Canada over the past 20 years, and with the right preventive cleaning measures you can prevent asthma symptoms from occurring.

We remove common causes of allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms including:

  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Dustmites
  • Mold

Count on Enviropure for a thorough effort in helping your allergy and/or asthma symptoms due to air issues.

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Why Trust Enviropure Home Services

We’re committed to providing high-quality home cleaning services that are friendly for people, pets & the environment.

Better Air Quality

We offer deep cleaning & indoor air quality services to improve the quality of the air in your home.

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals

We avoid the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals that may cause harm to people and the environment.

A Cleaner, Healthier Home

When you choose Enviropure, you are creating a cleaner, healthier home.

Better for the Environment

At Enviropure we strive to use all natural products to prevent causing harm to the environment.

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Experience Our Residential Allergy Deep Clean Package

For homeowners who suffer from allergies, we also offer a residential allergy deep-clean package in Ottawa. This is ideal for when you are moving into a new home or property, or if you are experiencing an onset in allergies that are being caused by existing triggers in the house. The allergy deep-clean package includes:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • HEPA-filtration Equipment
  • All Botanical Surface Sanitizing
  • Air Scrubber to Filter Out Airborne Particulate
  • HEPA Vacuuming of Air Vents

You needn’t continue to suffer from allergies at home. Get in touch with Enviropure Home today!

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Professional Air Quality Testing & Mold Removal

We offer several services when we test for air quality and remove mold from homes. These services include:

  • Regular cleaning of your home using natural cleaning products, pure natural disinfectants and hypo-allergenic products
  • Deep cleaning
  • HEPA filtration vacuuming: this captures and contains dust and allergens
  • Air scrubbing: this purifies and filters the air in your home
  • Mattress sanitation: steam cleaning
  • UV-C light technology: to kill dust mites and allergens
  • Vaportek technology: this neutralizes odor using dry vapor and natural essential oils
  • Steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery: deep cleaning and hot water extraction on all fabrics and materials

Contact Enviropure today to book your professional air quality testing and mold removal service.

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