Signs Your Loved One is a Hoarder

Excessive clutter in a home is a clear sign of hoarding. There’s nothing wrong to becoming attached to the everyday items in your life, but sometimes things can go too far. If you or someone you know faces unreasonable stress or anxiety at the prospect of being separated from the objects they surround themselves with, they could be a hoarder. Read on to find out how you can help them with Enviropure.

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Hoarding Cleanup Do’s & Dont’s

clutter-360058Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding disorder, is a pattern of behaviour that is characterized by an excessive inability to “let go!” Hoarding disorder, as it is now officially known in the influential Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is a condition that affects two to six per cent of the population. Read more


Hoarding Cleaning FAQ’s

It’s time we address one of the biggest messes we’ve ever seen. No, we’re not talking about the average clutter that comes to mind, we’re talking about a huge hodgepodge of misunderstandings revolved around hoarding. This disorder has more recently become an easy target for some and has long been a sensitive topic for those affected. If you know a hoarder, you can help set the record straight by debunking the myths as you hear them. As for hoarding cleaning experts, Read more

Ottawa Hoarding and Extreme Cleaning Services

Dumpsters for Hoarding Cleaning

Every single home requires a different set of customized services to get it looking its best. For some home, a twice yearly deep cleaning is ideal, for others Enviropure Home Services’ extreme cleaning ideal for homes that experience hoarding is the best fit. At Enviropure Home Services we specialize in daunting cleaning projects. There is no job too large.

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