Cleaning Up After Sump Pump Failure

Cleaning Sump Pump in basement Many believe that sump pumps are simply accidents waiting to happen. The integrity of your home and the health of your family depends on the consistent operation of this machine, and a sump pump’s consistent operation depends on the integrity of it’s weakest parts. Sometimes it’s mechanical failures, sometimes it’s power outages, but all it takes is a sump pump quitting for a short period of time to suffer massive consequences. Learn what these consequences are, and how to deal with them, with Enviropure. Read more

Where to Look for Household Mold

mold removal ottawa - woman looking a mold in the corner of her ceiling The house smells musty, and the air feels thick, heavy, and distinctly uncomfortable. You’re certain you’ve got a mold problem, but no matter where you look, you just can’t seem to find it! If you’re like the hundreds of Ottawa homeowners who struggle with mold every year, knowing where to look to find the source of the mold can be a major struggle. Learn where to look and how to properly eradicate mold with Enviropure. Read more

How to Pick the Best Mold Removal Service

Ottawa Mold RemovalEnviropure has long been an Ottawa provider of mold removal services. With that in mind, it might seem that this article is shameless self-promotion. This is not the case. We believe ourselves to be the best mold removal service in Ottawa, and are willing to prove it by demonstrating to you how to get the absolute most value out of mold removal services, no matter which service you choose to hire. Consider these tips to get the absolute most for your money in Ottawa for mold removal.

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How and Why To Inspect Your Ottawa Home for Mold

An image of magnified mold spores. Just like the dentist, it’s recommended that you schedule regular check your home for the signs of mold. Just like the dentist, this doesn’t mean we want to. While it can be a hassle, in some cases it is extremely useful (not to mention cost saving) to ensure your home is professionally checked on a regular basis. Find out if your home could benefit from regular mold inspections from Enviropure. Read more

Child sleeping and dealing with allergies from the air quality

Air Quality Testing Ottawa & Your Children

Air pollution within your home is a serious problem that can go unnoticed for far too long. You may not see it or smell it, but it’s inevitable that gasses and particles are released into the air from a handful of sources, decreasing the quality of the air inside your home. While at first, you may think that a little dander in the air is harmless, long-term exposure to polluted air in your home can increase the risk to diseases of the lung and heart, potentially even cancer without the proper care. So what can you do? To protect your health, and the health of your family, air quality testing Ottawa can keep your children from the risks that poor air can bring to your home. With air quality testing Ottawa, your children have a better chance of avoiding the harmful effects of these common pollution issues: Read more