Getting Rid Of Cigarette Smell

Cigarette Smell Removal - pile of cigarette budsHave you ever walked into someone’s home, or sat down in their car, to have your nostrils assaulted with the lingering odour of cigarettes? Highly proficient at soaking into even remotely porous surfaces, even a single cigarette can lead to the odour that can last for weeks. Because of this, developing a cigarette-smell problem is very easy. Getting rid of it is something else. Find out how with Enviropure: Read more

The Top 4 Causes of Odour for Ottawa Homes

A pile of cigarette butts.In all our decades of experience with Ottawa odour removal, we’ve seen it all. Over the years, it’s become apparent that there are definite patterns in Ottawa regarding household odours. Read on to learn about the top 4 causes of household odour in Ottawa, and their solutions.

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Removing Cat Odour

Cat Odour Removal - Cat sleeping on bedThere are a few tell-tale household odours known to homes with cats, but none are more prominent than the kitty litter box. Of course, every cat owner knows that regularly changing the kitty litter can go a long way to reducing this smell, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Consider the following tips to go one step further and remove the smell entirely.
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Odour Removal Ottawa

Common Causes of Ottawa Household Odour

There are hundreds of different reasons that your home may have an unwanted odour, but their causes are generally known to fall into a few distinct categories. If you can find out what category the cause of your odour fits in, you can better prepare yourself for fixing it. Consider how to defeat unwanted household odours of every kind with Enviropure Home Cleaning Read more

Removing Pet Odour While Staying Green

Pet OdourIn Ottawa we love our pets, but nobody wants to deal with the unfortunate messes they often leave for us. Stained carpets and nasty odour are often the unfortunate cost of pet ownership, but this is a price that’s not so steep when you know how to quickly and effectively clean these messes. Cheap and effective cleaners can be made with ingredients already around your house, if you know how to find them. Learn how to create and use them with Enviropure Home Cleaning. Read more