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Cleaning Your Home After A Renovation

November 7 2022

After a home renovation has been completed successfully, the next step is to clean up all the debris that the construction work left behind. Unless specifically put into the contract, the home cleaning post-renovation is the job of the homeowner.

It is a crucial job that you must get right to make the house safe for all who live there, so the experts at Enviropure would like you to know everything that needs to be cleaned after the renovation project is done.

woman vacuums post-renovation


Remove All Debris

The contractor should have cleared most of the trash created during the project but any remaining debris should be your first priority for home cleaning post-renovation. Removing these remnants will ensure that the rest of your cleaning is getting ruined by the dust they might produce. It also prevents debris from interfering with the process and allows you to clean all the available space.


Get Rid of the Dust

Renovations, particularly those done on drywall, will leave dust everywhere and you can’t have people breathing it in. So the next priority in your home cleaning post renovation is to remove all of it from your house.

This typically calls for vacuuming everywhere possible. The floors and surrounding areas are a good place to start. You will also want to vacuum the carpets and upholstery and all the other soft surfaces like sofas and couch cushions. The cushions need to be vacuumed separately and meticulously to remove dust. Since sofas and couches see a lot of use daily, it is crucial to get this done right.


Clean Out the Vents and Filters

Dust and dirt spread easily and can find their way into harder-to-reach spaces like your air vents. However, you need to clean these out too to make sure no one breathes in dust and develops respiratory issues.

woman cleans home after a renovation

Prioritize vents in the immediate vicinity of the renovation and any filters that were compromised during the renovation need to be replaced.


Focus on Everything Else

At this point, the bulk of your home cleaning post-renovation is complete but the small stuff is still important. Dust could still be found on your appliances, decorative items, light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.

These delicate items require a light touch to ensure that you don’t break them during the cleaning but they still need to be cleaned.


Enviropure Home Services – Number 1 Choice For All Your Cleaning Needs in Ottawa

Cleaning up your home post-renovation is not a task that should be taken lightly. When done right, you can enjoy your newly refurbished house with no anxiety about clutter and dust.

However, these cleaning tasks can be arduous, especially for those with demanding schedules so feel free to contact professionals who can take care of all your post-renovation home cleaning needs.

Enviropure offers the best post-renovation and construction cleanup in Ottawa. Our expertly trained team uses allergy reduction equipment with zero harmful chemicals to clean your property sustainably and efficiently. Our team is ready to take on any task no matter how big or small.

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