Odour Removal Ottawa

Common Causes of Ottawa Household Odour

There are hundreds of different reasons that your home may have an unwanted odour, but their causes are generally known to fall into a few distinct categories. If you can find out what category the cause of your odour fits in, you can better prepare yourself for fixing it. Consider how to defeat unwanted household odours of every kind with Enviropure Home Cleaning

Moisture, Mold, Mildew.

Odour Removal Ottawa - mildew up closeWhat is it?

Mildew and Mold are common household odours originating from unwanted moisture accumulation. Spots of mold and mildew are actually colonies of millions and millions of small bacteria breeding, living, and dying in an environment conducive to their survival. Most often associated with bathrooms, mold and mildew can actually take place in any area of the home. All they need is the right combination of moisture, temperature, and a surface to stick to appear almost overnight.

How Can I Find It?

The best way to find mold and mildew is to follow your nose. While every strain of mold will smell slightly different, they can all be described as a dank, stagnant must. As you get closer and closer to the source, as you’d expect the smell will become stronger. Like a game of hot or cold with your nose, eventually, you ought to get close enough to be able to identify the source visually. If you are having trouble, it’s wise to consider moving anything that might be obstructing your view out of the way. This might include things as small as moving boxes or furniture, or as drastic as removing your toilet or cabinetry. Mold doesn’t care about light and will grow absolutely anywhere conditions are right. This includes behind walls and under floors; anywhere where there is moisture, a surface to grow on, and the right temperature.

What Do I Do About It?

odour removal ottawa - mildew cellsThis is where things can get tough, depending on the severity of your mold and mildew problem. If it’s apparent that your mold is localized to a small area, and you catch it fast enough, you should be able to effectively remove it and the smells associated with it a combination of one part bleach to four parts water. Bleach is a powerful disinfectant, and will entirely eradicate the bacterial colonies responsible for your household odour.

Unfortunately, it is often the case with mold that things are not this easy. Because it grows behind drywall, under floors, etc; it’s possible that while you’ve cleaned everything you can see, the smell doesn’t go away because the true problem wasn’t immediately visible. In cases like this, we recommend you get in touch with the professionals at Enviropure. We have the knowledge and know-how to root out the causes of more severe mold infestations and have the professional tools to completely eradicate the mold behind your walls, in your floors, and anywhere else mold and mildew may hide.

Pet Odour:

Pets are great, but the smells associated with them aren’t. Urine, fecal matter, dander, etc. Mammals or Reptiles, there is no end to the smells and odours that can stem from pet ownership. Fortunately, Enviropure has the knowledge and experience you need to enjoy your pets without having to deal with the unfortunate smells they generally come with.

Pet odour Removal Ottawa - different pets lined up Urine.

By far the most frequently experienced pet odour, and one of the most difficult to properly deal with, cat and dog urine can be a major hassle to deal with. In earlier blog posts we described a few DIY Cleaners for removing pet odour. Consisting of baking soda, water, and vinegar, these are extremely effective cleaners that will almost always remove any smell of urine caused by your cats and dogs. Unfortunately, these are only effective if you know where a smell is emanating from, and it’s not always easy to determine. If you have dark carpets and are experiencing unwanted urine smells from pet stains that have dried and are not visible, short of covering your entire carpet with baking soda and vinegar, our DIY solution won’t be much help. Moreover, if a stain is particularly deep/settled, it may be the case that you require industrial-strength cleaners.

In either of these cases, we recommend you get in touch with Enviropure. If it’s the case that a pet stain has dried and is invisible, we can perform an inspection of your home with U.V. lights to locate and treat them. If its the case that a stain is too settled and can’t be removed with DIY or household cleaners, we can perform an enzyme treatment of your carpets and affected areas, guaranteeing the absolute eradication of any odours emanating from pet urine in your home.

‘Dog Smell’

Sometimes you can get into the car or enter the home of a person, and before you even see a dog, your nose tells you that they own one. Not particularly disgusting, but still evident, dog smell has a substantial impact on the general air quality of a home. Like us, they shed hair and skin cells on a regular basis, but because they have so much more hair than us, and a far more pungent oil to keep this hair from drying out, their presence in a home has a far larger impact on the general smell of a home.

To remove this smell, spot treatments are not enough. A comprehensive analysis of everything the dog touches regularly is required, as it’s necessary to clean anything and everything that may have absorbed dog smell. Doggy beds, carpets, toys, blankets, all of these things must be completely cleaned in order to remove the smell of a dog from your home.

After analyzing and cleaning everything your dog comes in regular contact with, more work is required in order to keep the smell from coming back. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the dog itself. While some breeds have more smelly oil than others, there are a variety of things you can do to reduce the smell they leave on the things they come into contact with. Consider:

  • pet odour removal - dog sleeping on couch Food: The food your cats and dogs eat on a regular basis will have a large influence on the way they smell. Often, a simple change of brands is all it takes to substantially reduce your pets smell. Higher quality brands provide your cat or dog’s hair with the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Lower quality food produces dryer hair, and dryer hair means your the skin will produce more oil to keep it healthy. Switching to higher quality food may be an added expense, but it comes with the added benefit of not having to continually invest in cleaners and cleaning.
  • Washing Your Pet: This one is pretty straightforward but comes with an important disclaimer. Washing your dog or cat regularly is always a good idea, both for the smell of your home and your pet’s health, but doing it too often can have the opposite effect. Washing your pet cleanses it’s fur of oil build up that produces cat and dog smell, allowing your pet’s skin to replace it with fresh oil. If you continually remove the oil from your pet’s hair, its skin will respond by producing considerably more oil. This leads pet owners to wash their pets, even more, putting them into an unfortunate cycle where they wash their pets more and more, but they just get worse.
  • Check for Dry Skin: If your pet has dry skin, just like humans, the skin will try to accommodate this dryness by producing more oil in order to return to normal moisture. Because oil comes with odour, if your pet has dry skin you’ll want to supplement their diet with fish oil caplets for pets. Generally, this is all it takes to stop dry skin from being a problem.

Enviropure can’t help take care of your pets, but it can take care of your home so you can focus on your beloved cats and dogs exclusively. Simply stop the odour from returning by changing up your pet’s diet, giving them a wash, and consider supplementing their diet with fish oil, and let Enviropure take care of existing odour with comprehensive odour removal. We can perform a comprehensive analysis of the sources of pet odour in your home and use professional techniques and equipment to eradicate it entirely. If you’re interested in removing the smell of your cats, dogs, or reptiles from your home, get in touch with Enviropure.

Odour Removal With Enviropure

Whether its mould, mildew, pet urine, or anything else producing an odour you want to go, get in touch with Enviropure to guarantee its complete and total eradication. Ottawa leaders in odour removal, we absolutely guarantee that there is no smell that we can’t defeat, so don’t wait, and get in touch!