The Dangers of Hoarding

The Dangers of Hoarding - Hoarding clothes. shoes, and moreThe Dangers Of Hoarding

Hoarding is a mental disease, a disorder that causes people to live in environments that are hazardous to the health of anyone exposed to them. Fortunately, Enviropure is here to help.

Hoarding - Stuff piled up on balcony overflowing

A breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, piles of mess means warm, dry areas for organic matter to fester. Insects and rodents make their homes here, as they are safe from predators and constantly surrounded by food and safe areas to breed. Moreover, the prevalence of dirty, sharp objects in the mess create opportunities for infection, all it takes is a nail being stepped on or a broken bottle scratching a passerby for anyone to become exposed to deadly illness. Many hoarders lose their awareness of the mess that surrounds them every day and become exposed to sickness and disease. If you are or know a hoarder in trouble, get in touch with Enviropure for our Hoarding Cleanup service. We can remove the mess and return a hoarder’s home to an environment of safety, completely cleansed of clutter and dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Clean, Dispose, Disinfect

First Response’s Hoarding cleanup service does more than simply removing the mess and clutter from a Hoarders life. De-cluttering doesn’t address the health concerns surrounding a Hoarders environment. After years of sitting under mountains of clutter; carpets and hard surfaces require intensive disinfecting and sometimes even replacement. Moreover, the detritus and junk that has accumulated throughout the years is biohazardous and must be disposed of as such. Both disinfecting and disposal are services that Enviropure provides in the regular course of a hoarding cleanup. We do the job from end-to-end, cleaning and disinfecting every area in hoarders home, and properly disposing of all clutter and mess.

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Hoarding cleanup is about more than just clean up. Because hoarding is such a powerful mental condition, it’s of central importance to understanding that hoarding cleanup requires the management of more than just the clean-up, but also of the hoarder. Feeling an intense emotional connection to the objects that surround them, cleanup is an unbelievably intense experience for hoarders. They feel like they are losing their life as objects with more sentimental value than most could understand leave their door. Fortunately, Enviropure understands. In all our years providing Hoarding cleanup to the Ottawa region, we’ve accumulated the experience necessary to properly empathize with Hoarders and provide the gentlest experience possible. While it’s never easy, Enviropure makes it easier for a hoarder.