Enviropure’s Post Renovation & Construction Cleaning Service

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Drywall dust, sawdust, dirt, muddy footprints. These are just a few of the signs that a renovation has just taken place. Once the renovation or remodelling project has been finished, getting your home back to it’s spick and span norm can be just another daunting task. This is where Enviropure Home Services comes in!

Our Post Renovation & Construction Cleanup service is a one time service that will have your home looking magazine ready – to match your new space of course! During a post renovation & construction cleanup service your space will be deep cleaned to remove the dust and debris that has settled into every nook and cranny throughout the construction. Despite your best efforts, dust ends up finding its way into every area of your home during a renovation. And without the right equipment it can be hard to get that dust really out of the way.


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During a post renovation or construction cleanup service, the Enviropure Home Services team will deep clean either a single room, or the entire home depending on the extent of the renovations. We bring in all the necessary equipment that is required to get rid of that incredibly stubborn dust and debris that gradually builds up during a renovation project. Scheduling a post renovation or construction cleanup service will be the final touch to getting your space all ready for you to enjoy. Don’t let pesky dirt and debris ruin what is otherwise a fantastic, well designed functional home!


Clean Bookcase in HomeAir Scrubbing Technology

One technique that we utilize to get your space as clean as possible is an air scrubber. An air scrubber works by increasing the amount of dust that can be removed from surfaces and from the air. Air scrubbers are the go-to cleanup tool used by construction companies and industrial cleaners. Not only will your home be so much cleaner, but it will be rid of dust borne allergens. Left unattended dust can lead to detrimental health effects, allergies, and even respiratory problems. Each of our air scrubbers is equipped with HEPA air filters, which are the industry leader in filtering the air for allergens like dust, and pet hair.


Post Construction Cleanup Services

Each post renovation or construction cleanup service is tailored to suit your needs. The most common is a deep cleaning of the entire home. This service includes washing walls, pulling out appliances, window sill and track cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning for kitchen and bathroom. We offer HEPA filtration vacuum rentals, as well as air mover rentals, and air scrubber rentals. A post renovation or construction cleanup with Enviropure Home Services offers peace of mind and convenience at affordable prices.


If you would like to learn more about Enviropure Home Services’ post renovation and construction cleanup services, or would like to customize a cleaning package, contact a member of our team today!