The Ottawa Estate Clean Up Team You Can Trust

Cleaning up the estate of a loved one can be one of the most overwhelming and taxing jobs you could ever imagine.  During such a difficult and trying time, Enviropure can take some of the stress off you and your family.  

Let us work with you in a compassionate and understanding way. Our team of trained and highly professional personnel, will assist in any and all areas you require. We are certified, insured, WSIB compliant, and have years and years of experience helping families JUST like yours work through this very trying time. 

You're not alone, we can help you with the cleaning of your loved one's estate. Our team is careful, efficient, and highly respectful of your loved one's belongings.  

Before and After Picture - Enviropure Estate Clean Up Services

Cleaned Space - Estate Cleaning

Full Estate Clean Up

We are a full service, estate clean up team. Our services include:

  • Complete estate clean up and decluttering
  • Staging services for estate sales
  • Extreme deep cleaning of the estate
  • Donation services and delivery
  • Estate packing and moving services
  • Storage unit solutions
  • Full estate renovation and restoration services
  • Bio hazard cleaning when needed
  • Estate sale management

We’re Here To Help

We're willing to work with anyone to get them the cleaning they need, whether you're a(n):

  • Insurance Company
  • Lawyer
  • Funeral Director
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Home
  • Or Familly

We have the team that can provide the estate cleaning services you're looking for, and make sure that your loved one's estate is looked after.

Estate Carpet Cleaning - Enviropure

Cleaned Living Room By Enviropure Estate Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly

With all of our cleaning services, Enviropure takes pride in using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our Ottawa estate cleaning services are proven to reduce allergic and asthmatic symptoms caused by harsh chemicals commonly found in the home.  We use safer, natural alternatives that work just as well or better than mainstream brands. When you hire Enviropure to clean your loved one's estate, you're taking care of your loved one's belongings.

Enviropure estate cleaning is Ottawa's leadaing estate cleaner, we take care of your loved one's estate. Contact us today to get started.