Finding Hidden Sources of Odour

Woman plugging her noise because of odour smellYou’ve taken the garbage out, wiped every surface, and cleaned everything you could think of, but musty household odour just won’t go away. Consider the places it might be hiding with Enviropure:

Dealing with Bedroom ‘Haze’

ottawa odour removal - bedroom comforter Our skin needs oil to stay healthy, and our body produces it day and night. When you go to bed, small amounts of excess oil will be absorbed into your bedding fabrics. Comforters, sheets, and even stuffed animals can, after enough time, start to accumulate this oil. Left alone for long enough, oily fabrics will have an impact on the air quality of a room. While it isn’t quite a ‘smell’, sometimes oily fabrics can create the sense when walking into a room that the air is ‘heavy’.

This effect is particularly prominent when sweating caused by heavy bedding for Ottawa winters. Not only does the presence of more fabric make you warmer, but it also absorbs more oil. If you’ve cleaned your room, but can’t seem to shake the sense of must in the air, it might be time to wash your bedding fabric. Sometimes all it takes is a quick change of the sheets, but the best solution is always to remove every piece of fabric from your bed and run it through the washing machine. For best results, consider using a fabric freshener during the dry cycle!

Porus Kitchen Surfaces

ottawa odour removal - sink with running faucet The kitchen is the heart of a home. Of all the spaces in the average house, none see more action than the kitchen. We typically design these spaces with cleaning in mind, taking care to install tile and hard kitchen surfaces for easy wiping. If you’ve cleaned and cleaned and can’t seem to get rid of a certain odour, it might be worth considering the¬†porous surfaces in your kitchen area. If you’ve cooked something smelly recently, it could be the case that particulate has floated through the air and taken up residence in, for example, kitchen curtains. Take a look throughout your kitchen and surrounding areas and consider the possibility of freshening any fabrics that may have absorbed odour.

Consider Carpets!

There are few surfaces in a home better suited to absorbing and emitting odour than carpets. More often than anything else, dirty carpets are the source of stubborn odour problems. Try sprinkling carpets with baking soda to deal with general odour, but also remember that doing so is no replacement for a proper carpet cleaning. If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in more than a year, getting in touch with Enviropure for a professional carpet cleaning could be exactly what you need to solve your household odour problem for good!