Getting Rid Of Cigarette Smell

Cigarette Smell Removal - pile of cigarette budsHave you ever walked into someone’s home, or sat down in their car, to have your nostrils assaulted with the lingering odour of cigarettes? Highly proficient at soaking into even remotely porous surfaces, even a single cigarette can lead to the odour that can last for weeks. Because of this, developing a cigarette-smell problem is very easy. Getting rid of it is something else. Find out how with Enviropure:

The Problem

Cigarette smoke is full of microscopic particulate that is extremely good at adhering to things. It’s easy to understand why a smell might linger in one’s drapes, as the fabric is extremely porous, but cigarette smell is so good at ‘sticking around’ that it is even capable of adhering to porcelain!

On top of its incredible ability to adhere to surfaces, cigarettes provide a near-perfect delivery method. A gas will expand to fill any space it is released within, meaning the smoke from a cigarette will proceed to fill the entire space, adhering to anything and anything it touches. Most household odours are local, meaning all you have to do is find the thing creating a bad smell and remove it to fix an odour problem. Cigarette smell is affects everything in your home, meaning it cannot be addressed in the same way.

How To Fight Back

While difficult, it is possible to perform a DIY de-odourization of your home to remove the cigarette smell.

cigarette smell removal ottawa - woman plugging her noiseTo remove cigarette smell from fabrics like bedding and drapes, simply throw them into the washing machine, and cold-cycle them with approximately two cups of white cleaning vinegar for a large load. It’s important that do not heat-dry afterwards, as sometimes heat will bring back residual cigarette smell, and cause your dryer to infect future loads with the odour.

For larger, bulkier fabrics (like furniture and carpets) the washing machine just won’t cut it. Instead, we recommend you coat these things liberally in baking soda and allow them to rest. Baking soda has fantastic odour-absorbing qualities, and given enough time can put a significant dent in the presence of cigarette smell. All it takes is vacuuming it up afterwards, and you can expect a significantly fresher space.

When DIY Just Won’t Do It

Sometimes a cigarette smell problem is so entrenched that these methods simply won’t address the issue. In these cases, it’s necessary to bring in an Ozone machine.

Ozone is the kryptonite to cigarette smell. Like fighting fire with fire, Ozone machines use the exact same delivery method as cigarettes, but instead of causing odour, they remove it by reacting with the chemical compounds forming cigarette-smell particulate, destroying them at the molecular level.

cigarette smoke removal - tip of a lit cigarette Odour Removal From Enviropure

If you aren’t interested in putting more time and energy into eliminating cigarette smell in your life, you can guarantee it’s quick and effective eradication by getting in touch with Enviropure. With decades of experience and industrial ozone machines, there is no cigarette smell problem in Ottawa we are incapable of addressing. To guarantee cigarette smell is gone for good in your home, business, or vehicle; get in touch.