How Green Carpet Cleaning Empowers A Friendlier Home

green-carpet-cleaning-ottawaYou’ve Got A Friend In Ottawa’s First Green Carpet Cleaner

No, we aren’t the first to clean green carpets in Ottawa, but we are the first to clean carpets with green methods and materials! Maybe you’re so committed to living with environmentally friendly values that your once clean carpets have, in turn, turned green. Not only are you building a more sustainable home by choosing green carpet cleaners, you’re empowering a friendlier home.  In any case, Enviropure is proud to have the status of Ottawa’s first and most experienced green carpet cleaning service. No longer do Ottawa homeowners have to accept the environmental consequences associated with the disposal of harsh carpet-cleaning chemicals because of the innovation that Enviropure brought to Ottawa’s housecleaning industry.

First and Best Green Carpet Cleanergrean-cleaning-ottawa

We have had more time than any other housecleaning service to perfect our chemical mixtures and optimize our cleaning methods to ensure our work is as environmentally friendly as possible, without skimping a single iota on quality. Our mandate is to minimize the damage we do to the environment, but our job is to clean; so we make sure we achieve both of these goals to the fullest extent of our ability. All our green services are IIRC certified, so you can be sure to receive the same level of clean provided by any other service or certified service provider.


green-carpet-cleaning-ottawaChoose Enviropure for Green Carpet Cleaning

Not just for green carpets, Enviropure offers green carpet cleaning services to the entirety of Ottawa, and has established a reputation as an industry leader both with respect to carpet cleaning quality and environmental friendliness. With a mandate and reputation for quality, there is simply no better bet than Enviropure. We offer the best value and rates in all of Ottawa, and guarantee the greenest services.

If you’re interested in a carpet cleaning, but don’t want to worry about the hazardous disposal of harmful chemicals, contact us today!