Hoarding Cleaning FAQ’s

It’s time we address one of the biggest messes we’ve ever seen. No, we’re not talking about the average clutter that comes to mind, we’re talking about a huge hodgepodge of misunderstandings revolved around hoarding. This disorder has more recently become an easy target for some and has long been a sensitive topic for those affected. If you know a hoarder, you can help set the record straight by debunking the myths as you hear them. As for hoarding cleaning experts, we dispel literal messes and figurative messes; by helping those in need during difficult situations and by spreading the truth to anyone willing to listen.

window-hoardingAs for hoarding cleaning professionals, we are often passionately learning and engaging in conversation about this disease.

No matter how the conversation starts, the questions are generally very similar, as well as the myths and general misunderstandings that have been spread about hoarding and hoarding cleaning.

While there is a lot of information out there about finding help for hoarders through hoarding cleaning, we’ve collected a few of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) we get about what we do.



Do hoarders really have that much stuff in their homes?

Yes, the tv shows haven’t done any tricky computer animation to fool you. On average, a hoarding cleaning consists of about 20 tons from a single family home. Those affected often feel strong negative emotions when faced with getting rid of items, so they keep everything with an understanding of responsibility for it all.

What do you do with the items you take out? 

We do our best to find good use out of the items if there is one. From recycling to donation to resale – this decision depends on the owner in possession. It’s difficult for an obsessive hoarder to manage the illness, and we’re there to help them clean up the out of control clutter, not to throw all of their possessions away.


Basement cluttered with stuffAre there really people in Ottawa with this problem?

The simple answer: yes, there are real individuals in Ottawa who hoard.  You would be surprised at the number of inquiries we receive looking for advice and hoarding cleaning assistance. The more difficult answer: hoarders don’t exactly advertise their habits, they keep them to themselves because they may be embarrassed or ashamed. That being said, there are estimates of about 1 million Canadians who suffer from acquired disorders. Many of you know of someone who has been affected by hoarding, it is more common than you might think.


Can compulsive acquiring be solved for good by hoarding cleaning?

Hoarding cannot be solved by hoarding cleaning alone. As a very sensitive topic, those suffering from this disease need your help and the help of others to get their lives and their homes in order. Solving this delicate disorder is often a matter of redirecting deep-rooted psychological illness habits. As prevention towards an escalating situation, hoarding cleaning is a step in the right direction to helping a hoarder restore their home to its original condition.