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If you have identified that your loved one may be a hoarder or that you yourself are, Enviropure is here to help. Our certified Ottawa hoarding cleaning team will help you or your loved one through this difficult time by providing step by step guidance throughout the entire process. The first step to begin overcoming this obstacle is to contact the Enviropure hoarding cleaning team today.

Any hoarding case, whether big or small, should be addressed as soon as you become aware of the situation. This will prevent the issue from escalating and becoming more difficult to deal with in the future. In many cases, the hoarder is in denial and does not realize or want to accept that they have a problem. If you believe one of your loved ones is a hoarder or you yourself are, give us a call and our qualified team of hoarding and decluttering experts will be happy to help. 


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We Offer More Than Just Hoarding Cleaning Services


Decluttering Services 

Enviropure's Ottawa hoarding cleaning team can also help you declutter those spaces you've been ignoring for a few months or years. This includes cleaning out your untouched basement, that corner of the garage where nobody goes or your furnace room filled with years worth of Christmas decorations. Enviropure will also provide junk removal to help sort and clear away everything, creating a useable space.



Extreme Cleaning

The Ottawa based hoarding cleaning team can handle more than just a hoarding cleanup, we also specialize in extreme cleaning. Extreme cleaning includes highly cluttered basements, a room or two that are filled with boxes or a garage you simply cannot walk through. Our certified team of professionals can help you declutter these spaces, providing the necessary junk removal to regain control of these areas.


Hoarding Cleaning

Due to years of experience and extensive training, Enviropure's Ottawa hoarding cleaning team can handle the most extreme hoarding scenarios, including full house cleanings, possession removal and health hazard assessment and removal. Our hoarding cleaning team will reclaim your home, while understanding and helping clients cope with the psychological depth of the situation.

Why Choose The Enviropure Team?



Enviropure's team has acquired many certifications including the ABRA and IICRC certifications, as well as extensive training in extreme cleaning, ensuring the highest quality results. With a background in wellness & health, along with a partner who is a registered nurse, we approach all hoarding cleanings with our clients health & well-being in mind.

Client Care


Enviropure's hoarding cleaning team provides clients with more than just an extreme cleaning. We understand that hoarding is a delicate issue and that for most hoarders their possessions are more than just things, they have meaning and sentimental value, which our team is trained to help our clients through the entire process.

Health Benefits

Hoarding can cause many health hazards if left unattended, including the inability to perform daily tasks, fire hazards, health code violations, family conflict, isolation & more. Our team of experts will ensure these are all addressed & repaired during their hoarding cleanup process, including restorations, biohazards and mold & air inspections.




How Enviropure Can Help

Enviropure's hoarding cleaning team has multiple years of experience and extensive training, allowing them to help you or your loved one find relief from their current hoarding or clutter situation. Our team can handle any size job, from simple junk removal to extreme cleaning and hoarding cleanup, while taking care of every detail. If you are unsure as to whether or not the situation at hand is more than just a junk removal project check out our blog to learn more about what a hoarder is, the signs to spotting one and how to help.

Enviropure's team understands that Ottawa hoarding cleanup is a delicate issue because it isn't simply about cleaning up their home; many hoarders have habits that are deeply rooted and suffer from some form of psychological illness.  We care about our clients and are dedicated to providing them with a compassionate and thorough cleaning experience. Enviropure's hoarding cleaning team's mission is to restore our customer's homes to their original condition.

If you or a loved one are being consumed by hoarding contact our hoarding cleaning team today. Enviropure will help you every step of the way, ensuring you and your home are properly taken care of. We understand the difficulty of dealing with hoarding and the emotional reasonings behind it. Our team of professionals is trained to help overcome both the psychical and emotional aspects of hoarding. Enviropure understands the sentimental value behind all hoarding objects and will ensure they are handled with care. Our Ottawa hoarding cleaning team is here to help you regain your home and your life, in a safe and helpful manner. Contact Enviropure today and help yourself and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Enviropure work for my situation?

Enviropure can adjust to any situation and ensure their clients do not have to worry about a single detail. Our Ottawa hoarding cleaning team will take care of everything, from the removal and disposal of items to the cleaning and restoration of damaged property or hazardous materials to psychological care and the client's overall health and wellness.

Will I have time for this?

Our Ottawa hoarding team can work with you and your schedule to ensure our work does not interrupt your daily activities. Hoarding is also a very important issue and should be addressed as soon as you become aware of the situation to prevent the issue from escalating.

How can I trust Enviropure with this?

Enviropure has earned multiple certifications, along with years of experience and extensive training. Our hoarding cleaning team's certifications include ABRA and IICRC certifications, along with training in extreme cleaning. We also have a background in wellness & health, as well as a partner who is a registered nurse, allowing us to approach all hoarding cleaning jobs with our clients overall health in mind. If you are still uncertain, check out the testimonials of past clients and see why we're the number one choice for your hoarding situation.

What will happen if I ignore the situation?

If hoarding is ignored for too long multiple things can occur to the hoarder and their loved ones, including the inability to perform daily tasks, fire hazards, safety and health code violations, family conflict, isolation and loneliness. If the hoarder possesses any pets the situation could become even more serious including health hazards such as, blood-borne pathogens which can contaminate the home, the potential risk of mold, histoplasmosis, fecal material and urine deposits and the possibility of respiratory troubles, heart issues, blindness and in extreme cases, even death. Therefore hoarding is a situation which needs to be addressed as soon as you become aware, to prevent any of the above from occurring.

What if my scenario is not as severe as hoarding?

Enviropure offers more than Ottawa hoarding cleaning, we can handle any size and severity, from simple junk removal to extreme hoarding cases. Our team is trained in all types of scenarios and are happy to help, even if it is cleaning out your garage or grandma's basement. The Enviropure hoarding cleaning team is prepared for all scenarios, allowing them to tackle anything that is thrown their way.

How do I begin to help someone I believe is a hoarder?

The first step to helping someone you believe is a hoarder is to contact the professionals. In many cases, the hoarder is in denial and does not realize or accept that they have a problem, which is where the professionals come in. Enviropure's hoarding cleaning team is trained to handle even the most extreme hoarding cases and can help you and your loved one overcome their current situation. We have the training and experience to help those facing psychological challenges, such as a hoarding disorder.

For more hoarding FAQs check out our blog.


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