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Professional hoarding cleaning, sanitizing, de-cluttering and junk removal services in Ottawa. Your first choice for hoarding cleaning services!

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A hoarder's home is filled with trash and discarded pepsi cans

Hoarding Cleanup in Ottawa

Hoarding disorder, also known as pathological hoarding disorder, is a very serious mental health issue which can severely undermine quality of life. And while those suffering from a hoarding disorder might want to get it under control, the physical act of cleaning up can be a major impediment towards achieving this goal. Cleaning up a mess of such proportions is almost always too much for one person to take care of on their own, especially when they are suffering from a disorder which makes the act of throwing things away nearly impossible. Luckily Enviropure Home Services is here to help.

With many years of experience and extensive training, our team of extreme cleaning specialists are here to assist you clean up the hoarding mess which is making life difficult for you and your loved ones. From removing trash, to clearing out your space, and even down to cleaning and sanitizing the area, we take care of all the steps needed to get your home back to a healthy living space. Our extreme cleaning experts have seen it all, and provide a compassionate non-judgmental service to help get those suffering from hoarding disorders back on their feet. If you or a loved one are being consumed by the impact of hoarding, contact us today and begin the process of reclaiming your home and life.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Luke Jones

Enviropure has been cleaning my home for several months now. Their staff on the phone and in the home are courteous and professional. They bring all their own equipment and are in and out, but do a great job. I would highly recommend their service. For my family they take care of the burden of cleaning which lets us spend more time together.

Dennis Sheppard

Recently signed up with this company and they are great. We received enough cleans to say they are ALWAYS on time. They are in and out without making any disruption as well which is great if you’re in a work from home situation due to COVID . I’ve been through a few cleaners over the years and we finally found a company for long term. Highly recommend!

Kaitlin Mackenzie

Enviropure did an outstanding job cleaning our house before we moved in. The appliances look brand new. They covered every corner of the house, even spots we assumed they wouldn’t be able to reach. We’re very impressed.

Marc Langill

We’ve had carpet cleaners at our home and business for years. This is however the first time Ottawa’s Enviropure services were used. Gerry and Chris were punctual, professional and attentive to the smallest detail. The result was by far the best cleaning the carpet has ever had. Before they arrived, we were considering replacing the carpet with hardwood. However after they were done, it looks sooo much better. We are definitely staying with carpet as well as having this company back again. Based on their outstanding carpet cleaning, I would definitely recommend their services.

Marylin Sloan

I recently used Enviropure to do a deep clean, they did an amazing job, they were very professional and worked hard. They made the apartment look like new! They are trustworthy and I would definitely recommend them, I will be continuing to use them on a bi-weekly basis, if I could I would give them a 10 star rating. From beginning to end they were terrific. Thank you to Tina, Richard, Bob and Matt and everyone who worked so hard, what a great team and company!!!!

Enviropure Home Cleaners smile next to their cleaning equipment
Inside of a hoarder's home which is filled with trash and clutter

Why Get Hoarding Cleanup Assistance

Because those suffering from a hoarding disorder experience distress at the mere thought of getting rid of items, no matter how valuable they are, it is almost impossible for them to get through cleaning up their home. Many times friends and loved ones are eager to help however the actual process of cleaning up the mess is too much for them to bear. Beyond the physical strains of moving what amounts to literal tons of trash, clutter, and other items the delicate nature of the cleanup can create rifts in personal relationships and emotional damage. That’s why Enviropure’s professional and compassionate team of extreme cleaning experts are here to help. We make sure to do everything we can to make the space healthy and liveable to give you or your loved one the best chance at recovery.

The Common Signs of Hoarding

The hoarding cleanup process is quite involved and can include many steps beyond simply removing trash and clutter. Often the homes of hoarders can have other problems lurking under the surface such as mold, air quality issues, pet urine stains, and more. If the individual suffering from hoarding disorder in question was keeping trash or food in the house there might be extreme smells lingering in the fabrics and carpets of the home. That’s why Enviropure provides a wide range of cleaning services to ensure that you or your loved one gets the help they need. If you or a family member is suffering from hoarding disorder and would like help, contact us today.

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Deep Cleaning Beneath The Surface

When a home is completely filled with things that a hoarder won’t get rid of, it is easy to focus on the mess that you can see. After all, it is everywhere. What is most dangerous about these living conditions is what could be lurking underneath it all. When hoarding gets out of hand, surfaces, floors and even walls become a breeding ground for all sorts of mold and bacteria that are hazardous to the health of everyone living in the home. In many cases, it gets so bad that the best way to describe the odour in the home is “foul”. On top of the mold and bacteria, a hoarder’s home is a very inviting place for all sorts of pests including rodents, dust mites, and bed bugs. With these “guests” being present in the home, the risk to the inhabitant’s health is even greater. They will defecate all over the home which compounds the strength of the odour and hazardous materials in the home.

Simply removing a hoarder’s collection of things is not be enough in most cases. The furniture, floors, and walls of the home of a hoarder usually haven’t been cleaned in years. In addition to helping a hoarder declutter their home, Enviropure will also perform a deep cleaning, and call in pest control services if needed. That way, the home will become a clean, safe and liveable space again.

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an enviropure home mold removal specialist remediating mold from a wall
cleaners having fun on the job and giving a thumbs up in their cleaning gear during mold removal

Help Someone In Need Get Their Home & Life Back

Hoarding is a serious problem that is a tricky to deal with. Usually, a hoarder isn’t aware that what they are doing is problematic, and don’t seek help with cleaning and decluttering their home. On the contrary, cleaning their home and throwing away things they’ve kept over the years is an incredibly stressful and anxiety-ridden experience. Enviropure is here to help make the space clean and tidy again, and will conduct our services courteously with kindness and empathy. However, your support will be crucial in making sure the job is done right. You will need to be there to support the homeowner while we work. With these tips, you can be that pillar of strength when things get stressful for your loved one:

  • Educate yourself on hoarding disorder
  • Focus on the person, while we focus on the stuff
  • Set reasonable expectations for the person
  • Listen and empathize with the person
  • Recommend professional help for them
  • Commend them for positive steps taken

Hoarding cleaning is a process, and Enviropure is here to do the heavy lifting every step of the way. If you would like to help a loved one whose home is overrun by hoarding, then contact us today for a consultation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Enviropure today.

Hoarding can be defined as an excessive accumulation of things combined with a failure to adequately sort and discard unnecessary belongings. Hoarding is an extreme case when your possessions can actually negatively affect your living environment and the function of specific household spaces.

While we don’t send our crews out for the intervention itself, we’ll be happy to come out to your home beforehand and give you a free estimate for hoarding cleanup. That way, you can compassionately let the hoarder in your life know that you want to improve the situation for everyone, and you’ve taken the step of speaking with a professional, experienced Ottawa hoarding cleanup company. This shows that you’re serious about taking the necessary next steps to undergo hoarding cleanup and start living a better life – for everyone in the home. For tips on hoarding interventions, you may want to look here – or give this a read. Hoarding is part of a serious mental health disorder, recognized by professionals as being a detriment not only to the hoarder but everyone living under the same roof. Our Ottawa hoarding cleanup crews are ready when you need us.

When our professional, experienced hoarding cleanup crew arrives at your home, we will be prepared to remove any and all items that you direct us to, followed by our performing a deep clean of every room. The goal is to restore order, cleanliness and sanitary conditions to your home. We want to help you live your best life. When we give you a quote for the hoarding cleanup project, the estimate will include our time and labour for junk removal as well as thorough cleaning services. Thus, hoarding cleanup is really a two-pronged service. First there is junk removal, then there is the actual cleaning. You may want to be present to (a) direct us which junk to remove, and (b) to move things around as items are being moved from the home, if you wish.

Some common signs and symptoms that might indicate a hoarding problem include:

  • Build up of clutter to the point where rooms become unusable
  • Excessively accumulating possessions that are neither needed nor have available space for
  • Difficulties with discarding and throwing our things – regardless of actual value
  • Feelings of excessive sadness when discarding belongings

This can really depend on how bad the hoarding has become, in how large of a space, and for how many years it’s been going on. Some hoarders have practically barricaded themselves in their home; this is a safety hazard, and thus can take quite some time just to break down into components and tasks. We’ve seen some hoarding cleanup projects take 6-8 hours, and others needing multiple visits to get the job done right (which, rest assured, we will). When we are at your home for your free estimate, we will let you know approximately how long the hoarding cleanup will take, based on the condition of the home. Our goal is to help restore order and a sense of normalcy for you and your household. However long it takes to do a superior job in hoarding cleanup, we’re here for you. Just let us know when you’re ready.

Ideally, yes, your loved one who is afflicted with a hoarding disorder will not be present for the hoarding cleanup. Despite how bad everyone else sees it, the hoarder often sees this activity as quite “normal,” and they may desperately want to hang onto their belongings. Perhaps the hoarder hasn’t left the home in quite some time. Seeing their “entire life’s work” taken before their eyes can be quite disturbing. Instead, we suggest that you take the person to a loved one’s home, or to a hotel or elsewhere while we conduct the hoarding cleanup at your home. If the situation doesn’t allow for your loved one to leave the premises, we understand. Our hoarding cleanup crews are experienced and compassionate. We just ask that you let the hoarder know in advance, so that we’re not at your house for an “ambush” – that’s not our intent, we really want to help, and we’ve found that hoarding cleanup works better once the hoarding intervention has taken place and the hoarder has been allowed some time to come to terms with how he or she has affected everyone in the family with the hoarding.

It certainly can. Often times, we won’t know what we’ll encounter on a hoarding cleanup project until we’re onsite and underway. That’s why our hoarding cleanup crews are professionally trained in not only deep cleaning and junk removal but in preparing for & dealing with biohazards. These biohazards can, sadly, include mold, bacteria, old food, urine and fecal matter and other hazardous materials. We have hazmat suits and other gear available in our arsenal of hoarding cleanup equipment, and we are prepared to wade through whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the hoarding mess and get every last item of unwanted debris, junk and other materials as part of a thorough hoarding cleanup process. No matter how daunting the task may seem to you, no matter how much you’ve been telling yourself “where do I start with all this?!” You can count on Enviropure for a professional and thorough hoarding cleanup in Ottawa.

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