Hoarding Cleanup Do’s & Dont’s

clutter-360058Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding disorder, is a pattern of behaviour that is characterized by an excessive inability to “let go!” Hoarding disorder, as it is now officially known in the influential Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is a condition that affects two to six per cent of the population.

More About Hoarders

shutterstock_327514886We connect with the people who need hoarding cleanup and we place ourselves in the Hoarder’s mind and connect with their emotions. They need to know that we will be there for them after the cleanup. Hoarders may have a sentimental attachment to their belongings or feel that they may need these items at a later date and are unwilling to dispose of their clutter. Fighting and demanding an end to the hoarding will not be an effective solution to the matter; however, the conditions of the household have become so unmanageable that it is time to address the issue. How can this be done without directly throwing out everything, burning the house down, or just running away and hoping for the best?

Tips With The Hoarder Himself

Prepare all who enter a hoarding home that this is a serious mental issue and that the hoarder is feeling very low and embarrassed when you enter the home. Remember they have been living like this for years and have created a sense of normalcy at the moment. The first thing you want to say is that you are not judging the person and be as compassionate as possible. Hoarder’s are very intelligent and educated and can tell when you are talking down to them. Treat them as the adults that they are, not like a child! Hoarding is usually a result of a traumatic situation in the hoarder’s life. Better hoarding than the hoarder resorting to drugs and alcohol.

Hoarding Cleanup Ottawa, What You Will Need!shutterstock_220530058

You will need heavy-duty trash bags, some empty boxes, tape & sharpies (to label bags/boxes), dust masks, leather gloves, mops, brooms, dust pan, vacuum cleaner (and possibly extra vacuum cleaner bags and possibly an extra vacuum cleaner belt), Lysol, flashlights. Decide if you need a separate trash box/bag for the hazardous stuff that usually can’t go in the regular trash (solvents, paints, etc.) You can always try and dispose of some of your trash using EnviroPure’s new technology!


Moving Out/In

Even in very cleanly households, annoying tasks such as cleaning the walls, inside appliances, and baseboard cleaning are sometimes neglected.  And dirt inevitably sneaks into the nooks and crannies of a home that requires hoarding cleanup, even lived in for years. So whether you want to prepare your new home before you move in, or want to clean your old home in preparation for new owners or tenants that require hoarding cleaning in Ottawa, odor removal or any other cleaning services please don’t be afraid to contact us at 613 513 7873 or at info@www.enviropurehome.com