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Home Deep Cleaning with Enviropure: Just in Time For the Holidays!

ottawa deep cleaningFor nine years, Enviropure Home Services has been making homes and businesses throughout the Ottawa area look and smell squeaky clean. Better yet, we do it all while using environmentally conscious, natural cleaning products! Now your conscience can be as clean as your home!

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the guests you will be hosting. When was the last time you actually got around the cleaning the baseboards in the guest bedroom? Our clients are busy people. Let us do the deep cleaning so that you can get back to spending time preparing for the arrival of your friends and family! Continue reading to learn what is included in a home deep cleaning.

It’s All In the Details

With a home deep cleaning from Enviropure, your home will be cleaner than the day you moved in! Ideally, a deep cleaning should be done at least once, but preferably twice each year. With cold and flu season just around the corner, getting your home as clean and tidy as possible will keep you and your family healthy. Our team of qualified, fully bonded and insured cleaners are experts in getting your appliances looking brand new. We take care of the hard to forget places, so you really can forget about them!

A home deep cleaning will start with cleaning the insides of all the windows, window screens, and light fixtures. You will be amazed at how much brighter your home looks! Next, we clean all the framework. From the baseboard to the mouldings, we make sure everything gets the attention it needs. Next up on a home deep cleaning itinerary is cleaning behind hard to reach appliances. This involves pulling out appliances like the stove and fridge and cleaning the accumulation of dirt and dust behind them.

deep cleaning servicesAdditional Home Deep Cleaning Services

The tasks above are the essential home deep cleaning services. However, depending on the state of your home, or simply your preferred level of home cleaning you may want to add on some extra services. For example, wall washing, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, offensive odour removal, duct cleaning, smoke odour removal, and more! With Enviropure Home Services, you choose only the services you want. We customize your home cleaning services to suit your unique set of needs and preferences.

Environmentally Conscious Home Cleaning

At Enviropure Home Services, we take our jobs seriously. One part of this is making sure that we are good stewards to the environment. We never use chemicals or cleaning products that have a negative effect on the environment. Instead, we use natural cleaning products that are gentle on the earth, and on your home.

Our fully licensed, insured, and bonded team has been carefully trained in environmentally conscious home cleaning techniques that promote healthy living.

To schedule your own home deep cleaning appointment, or to learn more about our services contact Enviropure Home Services today!