Removing Cat Odour

Cat Odour Removal - Cat sleeping on bedThere are a few tell-tale household odours known to homes with cats, but none are more prominent than the kitty litter box. Of course, every cat owner knows that regularly changing the kitty litter can go a long way to reducing this smell, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Consider the following tips to go one step further and remove the smell entirely.
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Odour Removal Ottawa

Common Causes of Ottawa Household Odour

There are hundreds of different reasons that your home may have an unwanted odour, but their causes are generally known to fall into a few distinct categories. If you can find out what category the cause of your odour fits in, you can better prepare yourself for fixing it. Consider how to defeat unwanted household odours of every kind with Enviropure Home Cleaning Read more

Removing Pet Odour While Staying Green

Pet OdourIn Ottawa we love our pets, but nobody wants to deal with the unfortunate messes they often leave for us. Stained carpets and nasty odour are often the unfortunate cost of pet ownership, but this is a price that’s not so steep when you know how to quickly and effectively clean these messes. Cheap and effective cleaners can be made with ingredients already around your house, if you know how to find them. Learn how to create and use them with Enviropure Home Cleaning. Read more

Green House Cleaning with Home-Made Cleaners!

DIY Green Cleaner
Clean Green With Home Made, All Natural Cleaners

Enviropure is Ottawa’s leading green cleaning service, specializing in the use of green methods and materials for house cleaning. You can’t always call us for a house cleaning, but you can take measures to ensure that the cleaning you do is as environmentally friendly as possible with our list of DIY green cleaning products. All of them can be made by yourself using materials you likely already have lying around the house, and will perform the job as well as, or better than, store-bought alternatives. Read more

How Green Carpet Cleaning Empowers A Friendlier Home

green-carpet-cleaning-ottawaYou’ve Got A Friend In Ottawa’s First Green Carpet Cleaner

No, we aren’t the first to clean green carpets in Ottawa, but we are the first to clean carpets with green methods and materials! Maybe you’re so committed to living with environmentally friendly values that your once clean carpets have, in turn, turned green. Not only are you building a more sustainable home by choosing green carpet cleaners, you’re empowering a friendlier home.  Read more

The Dangers Hiding in Ottawa Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Ottawa If most harmful Ottawa bacteria, microbes, and organisms could custom-make their ideal home, chances are it would be designed much like your carpet. Insulated, dry, porous, and with lots of air; the nasty things that live in your Ottawa home thrive in the environment a carpet provides them. The upper surface of your carpet may appear clean, but much like the edges of a city, few of the things in your carpet live there. Underneath this, where a vacuum cannot reach, is a bustling metropolis of harmful bacteria and organisms. What follows is a few examples of a few of the citizens currently occupying this city that only a professional carpet cleaning can remove.


Carpet Cleaning Ottawa (2)The definite majority of citizens in your carpet civilization, bacteria outnumber any other organism billions to one. Staphylococcus aureus, Campylobacter, Micrococcu, Enterococci; the most popular forms of bacteria living in the average Ottawa carpet, all presenting substantial health risks in great enough concentration. While regular vacuuming is recommended to keep them at bay, it will only remove those that exist close to the surface of your carpet. The only proven method to eradicate them completely is a deep carpet cleaning.


While viruses are less present in terms of their number than bacteria, they are an equally potent threat. Consider Norovirus, one of the most common viruses to be found in the average carpet in Ottawa. Manifesting symptoms equivalent to food poisoning, exposure to Norovirus from an infected carpet can lead to violent vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, overheating, and exhaustion. Small children are especially exposed to the virus, as they have less powerful immune systems and spend much more time exposed to infected carpets than adults. Particularly resistant to vacuuming, regular deep cleaning of carpets with dedicated chemicals is the only sure-fire way to deal with a norovirus infected carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Ottawa (3)Bugs

Feeding off the dead skill cells left in your carpet, creating nests in your dust-collecting carpet fibres to spawn their decedents, exist giants by comparison to viruses and bacteria. Dust mites, ticks, fleas, and silverfish all live inside of carpets that have not been regularly deep-cleaned; carrying disease and sickness with them wherever they go. The perfect home for these pests, infected carpets will eventually fester with the feces these bugs excrete, creating an even better ecosystem for bacteria.

The Solution

While regular vacuuming is obviously recommended, it is not enough to truly deal with all the things living inside of a carpet. Only by getting a professional clean once or twice a year can you rest easy knowing that it’s only your family living in your home. Offering some of the best rates and service in Ottawa, book yours today with Enviropure.

Why Your Carpet Needs More Than Just A Vacuum

Carpet Shampooing Many people believe their carpets are cleaning and need nothing more than a good vacuuming, however just because your carpet appears to be clean does not mean it is. Here are some of the reasons as to why your carpet needs more than just a vacuum and the numerous benefits of professional carpet cleaning. Read more

Hoarding Cleanup Do’s & Dont’s

clutter-360058Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding disorder, is a pattern of behaviour that is characterized by an excessive inability to “let go!” Hoarding disorder, as it is now officially known in the influential Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is a condition that affects two to six per cent of the population. Read more