5 Reasons To Choose Enviropure Homes (Why They’re The Right Choice For You!)

An image of generic household cleaning products. Enviropure has been one of the top cleaning services in Ottawa for the past 8 years. Our reputation precedes us in the market as we have been certified, licensed, insured and always promise to provide our customers with the best cleaning services in Ottawa. Here are five reasons why we are proud of our services and truly believe we are the best at what we do. Read more

Child sleeping and dealing with allergies from the air quality

Air Quality Testing Ottawa & Your Children

Air pollution within your home is a serious problem that can go unnoticed for far too long. You may not see it or smell it, but it’s inevitable that gasses and particles are released into the air from a handful of sources, decreasing the quality of the air inside your home. While at first, you may think that a little dander in the air is harmless, long-term exposure to polluted air in your home can increase the risk to diseases of the lung and heart, potentially even cancer without the proper care. So what can you do? To protect your health, and the health of your family, air quality testing Ottawa can keep your children from the risks that poor air can bring to your home. With air quality testing Ottawa, your children have a better chance of avoiding the harmful effects of these common pollution issues: Read more


Perks Of Hiring Ottawa Post Renovation Cleaning Experts

When the dust has finally settled and you’re about to move back into your “new” and improved home, it can be a let down having to feast your eyes on a thick layer of dust covering every inch you can see. What you might not have realized pre-renovation is that there’s going to be a huge dusty mess welcoming you with your renovated home. When you’re about to move back in, there are a lot of things you’ll have to do in order to get the house to sparkle before it’s time to show it off. Here’s a list of just a few of the perks that come with hiring an expert crew for your Ottawa post renovation cleaning needs.  Read more

Keeping Tidy Between Home Cleaning Services

home-cleaning-ottawa So you’ve made a great decision and hired us for your home cleaning Ottawa needs. You’ve got a spotless home that you, your family and your health are benefitting from, hooray! But between visits, life happens, and the place becomes a mess again. It happens to everyone. Let’s focus on a few tips to keep the house tidy between visits from your home cleaning Ottawa experts.

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Hoarding Cleaning FAQ’s

It’s time we address one of the biggest messes we’ve ever seen. No, we’re not talking about the average clutter that comes to mind, we’re talking about a huge hodgepodge of misunderstandings revolved around hoarding. This disorder has more recently become an easy target for some and has long been a sensitive topic for those affected. If you know a hoarder, you can help set the record straight by debunking the myths as you hear them. As for hoarding cleaning experts, Read more

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5 Reasons To Throw In The Towel: House Cleaning Ottawa

There’s a study that shows on average, how much time we spend cleaning throughout the course of our lives. The answer? There’s a study that shows on average, over an entire year of our precious lives is spent sparkling things until they’re spotless. If that statistic has you contemplating why you haven’t hired an expert sooner, we invite you to dive into our orderly list of reasons why you need house cleaning Ottawa.

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