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How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Rejuvenate Your Home

May 5 2021

Carpets can give a home a cozy and comfortable ambience.

At least when the carpets are nice and clean.

But what happens when the carpets get dirty? 

Many people believe that simply vacuuming their carpets will do the job, but that’s not often the case. Without thorough, professional carpet cleaning, dust and pollutants will begin to accumulate in the carpet, which could potentially trigger allergies or asthma attacks for people in the household. 

Of course, hiring professional carpet cleaners in Ottawa to clean your carpet every time it gathers some dust or gets a spill is unrealistic, so here are a few tips for day-to-day carpet cleaning that will help give your home a more fresh look, feel and functionality. 


Getting Rid of That Stale Smell from Carpets

carpet cleaned by professionalsThis first tip doesn’t necessarily contribute to the look of the carpet, but it’s an essential step that greatly contributes to the overall atmosphere of a room or a home.

Nothing is worse than walking into a room and having a musty smell hit you in the face the moment you walk in. To name a few examples, foul carpet smells could be caused by cigarette odour, pet odours, or from a major spill that wasn’t cleaned properly.

To remove that stale smell from your carpet,  you can either use a carpet cleaning product or use a more organic method – baking soda.  

When buying a carpet cleaner product, check to make sure it says it’s a deodorizer, otherwise, the smell won’t go away, and you’ll just be left with a carpet that still smells.

If you opt to use baking soda, you have to sprinkle the powder across your carpet and let it sit for a few hours. Once it has a chance to absorb the smell, simply vacuum all the baking soda from the carpet. 

Stronger odors, however, will require a professional carpet cleaning company to remove it more thoroughly.

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Removing Indentations from the Carpet

pro carpet cleaner workingWhile this step may seem pretty simple, it can surprisingly have a huge effect on your carpets’ final look.  

Indentations in the carpet take away from the smooth, clean look you’re looking for, for they can be an easy fix!

First, try going over the indentations with your vacuum cleaner. If the indentations aren’t too deep, then the carpet fibres should move back into place quickly. 

However, If that doesn’t work, try placing ice cubes over the indentation spots. While this method may sound out of the ordinary, the coldness of the ice cubes actually helps the carpet fibres recover their original shape. After the ice cubes have melted, use a paper towel to soak up the remaining water. 

If the indentations are too deep for both methods, then it’s time to call your professional carpet cleaning company in Ottawa. At Enviropure, our master carpet cleaners can give the indentations a steam treatment that will help restore them to their original condition. 


Dirty Carpets Detract from the Lustre of Your Home – and the Air Quality

Nothing can bring down the look of a room more than a dirty and stained carpet. 

dog soils the carpetCarpets are not necessarily the focal point of a room, but they play an important role in tying the space together. 

However, if the carpet starts to become dirty, it will shift the focal point to itself and transform the look of the room for the worse. The last thing you want is for guests and even family members to be thinking about the dirtiness of the carpet and becoming concerned about indoor air quality and what they may be breathing.

Alleviate the problem of dirty carpets by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company on a periodic basis to restore the cleanliness of your carpets.

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Is your carpet bringing the look and feel of your home down?

Now that you’ve read a few tips on how to give your carpet a more rejuvenated appearance, it’s time for you to ask yourself a simple question:

“Can I bring my carpet back to life on my own?” 

If that’s a “yes,” great! We’re glad to have been of help in solving simple carpet issues for your day-to-day home comfort.

If the answer is no, then you can count on Enviropure Home Services to help with a deeper, thorough job thanks to our professional carpet cleaning services.

Contact us today to get your free, no-obligation quote for experienced, professional carpet cleaning in Ottawa. Let us give your carpet and home a new life.

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