How and Why To Inspect Your Ottawa Home for Mold

An image of magnified mold spores. Just like the dentist, it’s recommended that you schedule regular check your home for the signs of mold. Just like the dentist, this doesn’t mean we want to. While it can be a hassle, in some cases it is extremely useful (not to mention cost saving) to ensure your home is professionally checked on a regular basis. Find out if your home could benefit from regular mold inspections from Enviropure.

Which Homes Need Regular Checks?

Not every Ottawa home needs regular mold inspections. In fact, most don’t. Those that do, however, stand to benefit tremendously from regular checking.

If your Ottawa home has ever suffered a from a mold problem, its important to book regular checks.

Has your home had mold before? Even with professional removal, its very possible that it can come back. Mold may appear localized to the affected, and treated area, but the truth is that the presence of visible mold means that billions of fungal spores are floating throughout the air of your home. All it takes is them finding a spot with the right dampness and light for them to take root all over again. While professional treatment makes this very unlikely, it is important to book follow-up inspections.

If you live in an older home, you may not know that your home has suffered from a mold problem in the past. It may have been that the previous owner tackled the issue with a DIY solution, and managed to reduce the problem, only for it to gradually build over the years as you lived in the past. During the purchase process, a home inspector is likely to come across signs of historical mold in visible areas, but it’s entirely likely that they’ll miss less obvious places like in vents, behind drywall, under floors, etc.Professional cleaner removing mold from wall.

Why Should I Check Regularly?

Even the highest quality professional mold remediation service cannot change every condition in your home that breeds mold. A good service will rid you of mold, a great one will fix the problems that led to the mold, but even the best cannot fix everything.

For instance, if Enviropure was to discover that leaky pipes in your home were creating moist conditions that led to mold, we would absolutely fix this problem for you, ensuring the problem would never come back. However, some things, such as moisture permeation through a basement foundation, we have limited means to address.

It may be the case that your home is only susceptible mold during years when the water content of the soil surrounding your home reaches certain levels. Perhaps last year at a particularly high number of freeze-thaw cycles led to cracks in your foundation. Circumstances like this can re-expose your home to a mold problem because they lead to the introduction of moisture into your basement from the outside environment. If you don’t stay aware of these possibilities, you risk suffering from another mold problem.

Booking regular checks allows you to stay on-top of the circumstances you cannot control that lead to mold. This allows you to deal with mold problems before they become problems, and enjoy the benefits that result.

Benefits of Regular Mold Inspections.

A man suffering from allergies due to mold in his home. When you identify a mold problem in its early stages, it is not only tremendously easier to deal with, but significantly cheaper as well.

Letting a mold problem become so bad that it changes the quality of your indoor air, and is detectable via scent, means that you are allowing it to reach aggressive levels of infection in your home. Not only is this dangerous to the health of you and your family, but it is considerably more expensive to address. Mold in its early stages of growth is quick and easy to deal with. Mold has matured is not.

Regular inspection allows you to identify and treat mold in its early stages, and avoid the expensive hassle of removing and replacing drywall, flooring, ventilation, etc. to address a problem that has been allowed to take root.

How To Inspect For Mold

There is more than one way to check your home for a mold problem.

By far the most thorough and comprehensive is to get in touch with Enviropure for our mold inspection service. We have access to professional tools and equipment, not to mention decades of experience, that guarantee the absolute best results possible for mold inspection. Moreover, should we come across mold during our inspection, we have the ability to immediately address the problems we come across, sparing the hassle and headache of dealing with it later on. Keep in mind that mold inspections are free!

We recognize, however, that it is often inconvenient to have your home regularly inspected by professionals. For this reason, we have also included a few resources below that you can use to perform inspections yourself.

DIY Mold Inspection

If you are interested in saving on costs by performing DIY mold tests, then this is what you’ll need:

A man finding out mold has taken over his kitchen wall. The first thing you will need to do is equip yourself with an over-the-counter mold testing solution. We recommend My Mold Detective.

Most self-testing kits on the market for household mold are antiquated, and haven’t seen innovation since the 70’s. My Mold Detective is a new offering to the self-testing space that Enviropure considers to be significantly higher quality. Available at home depot, this kit is a great investment in indoor air quality.

This kit will allow you to take ‘snapshots’ of the indoor air quality of a room in your home. Each cartridge will take a sample of any airborne spores in a room, which you mail off to a laboratory for testing. This laboratory will then respond with your results and inform you of any mold problems you may have.


This kit provides a convenient alternative for those with busy schedules who may not be able to set aside the time necessary to have Enviropure perform an on-site inspection. While it allows you to test your air on your schedule, it should be noted that this convenience comes at a cost.

All home-testing kits require extensive time to allow for correspondence between you and a laboratory, and while these results provide valuable information, they do not do anything to actually solve a mold problem. This is why we stress the value of free mold inspections from Enviropure.

Enviropure Mold Inspection

No matter where you are in Ottawa, if you feel you may be exposed to the risk of mold infestation, Enviropure can perform a free on-site inspection around your schedule.

A professional inspecting home for mold. Unlike DIY test kits, our access to professional equipment allows us to get results on mold inspections same-day, and depending on the severity and nature of your problem, we can also fix mold problems same-day as well.

If you or someone you know is suffering from, or is at risk of suffering from, a mold problem in the Ottawa area, getting in touch with Enviropure for a free mold inspection is the fastest and simplest method of taking care of it.

While mold may not seem like a problem because it can’t (currently) be seen or smelled, mold inspections from Enviropure provide opportunities to save money and increase the peace of mind for you and your family.

Mold growth starts slow, but accelerates quickly. Dealing with it before it manages to take root is quick, easy, and cheap. Dealing with it after it’s made itself apparent, either visually or via smell, exposes you to the possibility of intensive remediation work.

For the quickest, easiest, and most efficient method of assessing and dealing with household mold in Ottawa, get in touch with Enviropure. All our assessments are free, and booked around your schedule to maximize convenience and minimize the time your family spends in a mold-infested environment. Don’t wait until Mold becomes a real problem to eradicate it, and get in touch with Enviropure today.