Hidden Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

A cat laying on a freshly cleaned carpet. Having carpets cleaned professionally does a lot more than leave a home looking clean and smelling fresh, it also contributes a range of benefits people are not generally aware of. Learn them here:

Professional Cleaning Removes Trapped Pollutants

Pet dander, allergens, bacteria, all manner of microscopic creepy-crawlies. The internal environment of your carpet offers the perfect circumstances for a dynamic range of harmful pollutants and organisms. The only sure-fire way to eradicate them from your home is with professional cleaning. Regular vacuuming and rented carpet cleaners can do a respectable job of managing their presence, but nothing can beat the industrial equipment, materials, and decades of carpet-cleaning experience you can access with a quick call to Enviropure.

A room that's recently had carpet cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Improves Air Quality

Carpet is a soft, porous surface. It traps moisture and grime, allowing for bacterial growth and mold. The air passing over and through your carpet fibres is enough to bring bacteria and mold spores into the air but is made worse when a carpet experiences traffic. Not only do trafficked carpets experience a worsened accumulation of detritus, but traffic causes them to throw their accumulated junk up into the air, and into the lungs of you and your family.

If your home is suffering from poor air quality, professional carpet cleaning may well be the solution to your problem. Getting right to the cause of poor air quality, the build-up in your carpets, with professional carpet cleaning is guaranteed to substantially increase the quality of your indoor air.

Say Goodbye to Dust Mites!

Dust mites, as we’ve mentioned in previous articles, feed off of organic detritus, most notably skin cells. As you and your family go about your lives in and throughout your home, you are consistently shedding skin-cells, especially in the winter months. These skin cells make it into the air and eventually settle into your carpets, leaving a feast for hordes of dust mites.

Dust mites are a simple reality of domestic living and have been for centuries. Our bodies are very capable of living with dust mites, but when levels get too high, they can cause significant irritation.

Dust mites contain a range of digestive enzymes that can be harmful to humans. When we live around too many dust mites, our exposure to these enzymes can cause an allergic reaction and cold-like symptoms including sore throat and scratchy eyes.

Professional carpet cleaning not only rids your home of dust mites, but also deprives them of a food source. Any of those missed eventually starve or find new homes, and as long as dust levels are kept low, they don’t come back.

Cleaning a carpet with professional toolsEnviropure Home Cleaning

Whether its dust mites, mold, air quality, bacterial growth, or general-home-freshness you’re concerned with, professional carpet cleaning is your guaranteed ticket to taking care of it. If you’re interested in hearing more or booking a professional carpet cleaning for your home, get in touch with Enviropure.