Ready, Set, SOLD!

ottawa home inspectionsEnviropure is pleased to offer realtors the ultimate Home Pre-Sale Preparation Service.  This can include some or all of the following as required:

  • Preliminary home inspection to detail what needs to be done to help you sell your client's home faster and for more money
  • Major or minor home renovations to create a positive first impression for your home viewings
  • Top to bottom home cleaning and painting where necessary
  • Allergen and Odour removal, as well as a full carpet cleaning

Certified Home Inspections

Enviropure Home Services has the home inspectors, renovation, and cleaning expertise you need to get your home ready for sale.  Our home inspectors are fully licensed and certified, and can recommend necessary minor renovations that will help sell the home quickly and for more money.  

A licensed home inspection is necessary before purchasing a new home, contact Enviropure Home Services to have it done right and give you piece of mind.

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Renovations and Home Aesthetic Fixes

It is important for your home to have a positive first impression on a potential buyer.  There are many small things that buyers pick up on that should be in place before they view the home. 

This can include things such as replacing outlet covers, vent covers, painting old windows, polishing floors, removing carpet stains, etc.  These are all very small things that should really be assessed and dealt with to impress buyers and help close the deal at a fair price.

Full Home Cleaning

It is essential that the home is given a thorough clean from top to bottom before having any showings.  You’ve heard the saying “Dress to impress”, so let us apply this principle to your home.  This will include a complete top to bottom cleaning, dusting, and appliance polishing inside your home. 

Our expert cleaning team is equipped to handle any mess, from a hoarders home to one that just needs a little touch up!

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HEPA Defendair

Odour Removal and Full Carpet Shampooing

Enviropure Home Services uses top of the line air purifiers to remove any foul odours and allergens from your home.  Our team is fully trained, qualified, insured and WSIB compliant.  We are even able to remove the cigarette smoke and residue from your walls!  

Unsightly stains and bad odours coming from your carpet will all be removed with our powerful and environmentally friendly carpet cleaners.