Real Estate Cleaning Services

Nothing is more important in making a house market ready than cleaning, and Enviropure is Ottawa's primary source for real estate cleaning.  A dirty house can turn potential buyers off a house instantly, and makes the potential buyer question if your home was properly maintained. Enviropure offer an extensive range of cleaning services that can help you seal the deal and sell the house.

We offer a number of cleaning services to best suit your real estate cleaning needs, from market ready cleaning to move in cleaning.

Market Ready Cleaning

Cleaning a house to make it market ready is time consuming and difficult.  Here at Enviropure we have experts in deep cleaning and preparing your house for showings.  Our team has access to a wide range of tools, including air scrubbers, odour removal equipment, carpet cleaners, and more that allows us to make your house shine like never before. Professional cleaning sets a house apart from the rest in the market, and makes selling it that much easier. 

Contact us today to see what value we bring to your sale, and how we can help make your house ready to hit the competitive Ottawa market.


White Room Post Real Estate Cleaning

Show House Post Real Estate Cleaning

Moving In/Out Cleaning

Cleaning is a part of any move; whether it's leaving the house clean for the next owners or cleaning up your new place before you move in. Moving can be stressful, and creates an impressive amount of clutter and dirt.  Having the house professionally cleaned helps take away some of the stress of moving, and greatly reduces the amount of work required. 

Enviropure home specializes in Ottawa moving cleaning, and can help you with your next move, in or out.  Contact us today for more information on our services, or to request a free no obligation quote.

Our Real Estate Services

  •  Bathroom Deep Cleaning
  •  Carpet Cleaning
  • Wall Washing
  •  Hardwood Floor Polishing
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  •  Air-scrubbing and Odour Removal
  •  General Cleaning
  • Any Other Required Cleaning Services

Bathroom Post Real Estate Deep Cleaning