Secrets To Keeping The House Clean

House cleaning OttawaThe old adage is that you can work hard, or you can work smart; and the same is true of keeping the house clean. Having to work a full week, only to consistently have to throw more hours in on the evenings and weekends to have a home that provides a minimum level of peace, is not a recipe for happiness. Instead of throwing hours of labour at the problem, and your peace out the window, consider how you can change how you approach the problem of an untidy home to bring about the tidy home you’re entitled to.

A Place For Everything, Everything In Its Place

House cleaning OttawaWe’ve all done it. You commit time and energy to clearing off some cluttered surface, say a table. Some of the things on your table belong elsewhere in the house, but other things don’t really have a designated space. Books go back on the shelf, flyers go in the recycling, cups and dishes in the dishwasher, but what about the heaps of paper and bills? You want your table clean, so you gather them all up and simply place them on another surface somewhere else. You get the ‘ahh’ feeling of a clean table and clean room, but haven’t actually done anything to improve your home, as you’ve cluttered one room to de-clutter another.

Instead, when you pick up those papers think ‘where do these go?’, and make sure you don’t rest until you’ve got a definitive answer. If there isnt a place, you shouldn’t expect yourself to suddenly create shelving to clean your kitchen, but you ought to make a plan concerning just how to create designated space to keep these things organized. Unorganized clutter will only ever extract value from your day-to-day at home. Take care of organization you can take care of your peace of mind.

The Magic of Lidless Containers

‘Organized’ does not always mean ‘neat’. Unless there is a specific need for a system to allow things to be easily retrieved (alphabetizing a book collection, DVD’s, etc); don’t waste time and energy creating complex systems, as they’ll only make tidying more work and less likely to be done. Simple is better.

Consider kids toys. A super-simple, proven system for keeping kids areas tidy is simply having several large open boxes stuffed to the brim with toys. One place all the toys come from, one place all the toys go. Easy for kids to get what they want (toys), and easy for parents to get what they want (tidyness).

If you have a system of organization that dictates dolls go in place A, toy cars in place B, dress-up clothes in place C, etc; cleaning is significantly more energy-intensive than simply piling everything into a bunch of available boxes designated for toys. Sure, finding exactly the toy you want might be made more difficult, but keeping the space consistently clean. A simple system consisting of a bunch of open boxes requires little of kids to clean their play spaces, meaning they’re liable to do so more often and with less struggle.

House cleaning OttawaEnviropure Home Cleaning.

When things are consistently tidy, the actual task of cleaning can be completed more effectively. When it comes time to deep clean, having a home that is tidy and organized means that every job is considerably easier. You can save time completing things yourself, or save money by getting in touch with Enviropure!