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Smoke & Cigarette Odor Removal

Enviropure is Ottawa’s leading smoke & cigarette odour removal team, with over a decade of experience in helping clients get rid of nasty odours at home & work.

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Smoke & Cigarette Odour Removal in Ottawa

Our team of trained professionals can quickly and effectively remove smoke odour from your space leaving it smelling and feeling fresh. Whether you want to enhance your current home or clean a newly purchased home, Enviropure can get the job done. Contact Enviropure today to arrange for our smoke removal services.

Smoke and cigarette odour can linger in your space for years if not properly handled. Many at home cleaning methods may only temporarily cover up the smell. Professional odour removal can ensure that the space is thoroughly cleaned, and all odour is fully removed. At Enviropure we can remove smoke and cigarette odour from all spaces including:

  • Home
  • Office / Commercial
  • Vehicle
  • Cottage
  • Boat
  • Restaurant / Retail
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Need your carpets cleaned? Looking for post-renovation cleanup? Or maybe you just need a thorough house cleaning. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Luke Jones

Enviropure has been cleaning my home for several months now. Their staff on the phone and in the home are courteous and professional. They bring all their own equipment and are in and out, but do a great job. I would highly recommend their service. For my family they take care of the burden of cleaning which lets us spend more time together.

Dennis Sheppard

Recently signed up with this company and they are great. We received enough cleans to say they are ALWAYS on time. They are in and out without making any disruption as well which is great if you’re in a work from home situation due to COVID . I’ve been through a few cleaners over the years and we finally found a company for long term. Highly recommend!

Kaitlin Mackenzie

Enviropure did an outstanding job cleaning our house before we moved in. The appliances look brand new. They covered every corner of the house, even spots we assumed they wouldn’t be able to reach. We’re very impressed.

Marc Langill

We’ve had carpet cleaners at our home and business for years. This is however the first time Ottawa’s Enviropure services were used. Gerry and Chris were punctual, professional and attentive to the smallest detail. The result was by far the best cleaning the carpet has ever had. Before they arrived, we were considering replacing the carpet with hardwood. However after they were done, it looks sooo much better. We are definitely staying with carpet as well as having this company back again. Based on their outstanding carpet cleaning, I would definitely recommend their services.

Marylin Sloan

I recently used Enviropure to do a deep clean, they did an amazing job, they were very professional and worked hard. They made the apartment look like new! They are trustworthy and I would definitely recommend them, I will be continuing to use them on a bi-weekly basis, if I could I would give them a 10 star rating. From beginning to end they were terrific. Thank you to Tina, Richard, Bob and Matt and everyone who worked so hard, what a great team and company!!!!

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Benefits of Smoke Odour Removal

At Enviropure we can handle any odour situation from minimal smells to decades of cigarette smoke build up. Our team of smoke odour removal specialists at Enviropure can help you reclaim a clean smelling home for you and your loved ones. Smoke removal not only helps with the smell of your home.

Common Household Odours & How To Get Rid Of Them

There are many other benefits to smoke odour removal including:

  • Increased air quality
  • Decrease in hazardous materials
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Thirdhand Smoke Is A Lingering Hazard to Health

Carcinogens from secondhand smoke inside the home is able to stick to surfaces and seep into fabrics. They have even been proven to bind to dust particles and linger remain at elevated levels for more than two months after smoking in the home has stopped. Inhabitants can be affected by lingering thirdhand smoke by inhaling or swallowing dust particles and residual gases, and touching uncleaned surfaces with smoke residue. Evidence from recent studies show that thirdhand smoke can damage DNA and cells, as well as cause metabolism and behavioural changes in people who are exposed.

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Treat the Thirdhand Smoke & the Odour

You may think that thirdhand smoke in the home is only present when you detect that signature odour, but that’s not true at all! Thirdhand smoke is easy to detect when you smell it on a smoker’s clothes, or in a room where someone recently smoked, but residual chemicals that linger aren’t so easy to detect and can be easily overlooked. Even a small amount of residual smoke can impact indoor air-quality and impact the health of people living in the home, even if the cigarette odour isn’t strong. With our cigarette odour removal services, we treat the root cause of the odour, and don’t stop once the odour is gone. We make sure any trace of cigarette residue is removed from your surfaces, furniture, curtains and the air that you breathe. You can rest assured that your health will be protected from this hazard when we’re done. Contact us today to get rid of cigarette odours and residual smoke in your home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about smoke odor cleaning & elimination. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Enviropure today.

Yes, we sure can! You deserve to enjoy your home – in full, clean comfort. For nonsmokers, there’s not much worse than smelling the stale, tar-like odor of cigarette smoke. Years of buildup can lead to a seemingly permanent cigarette or tobacco smoke odor (cigars, pipes, etc.). This is your new home, though, not theirs. Count on Enviropure to get rid of that nasty cigarette or tobacco smoke odor throughout your Ottawa house or condo. We use state-of-the-art technology to neutralize smoke odors and make your living space yours again.

Enviropure is armed with years of experienced along with state-of-the-art equipment to help eliminate smoke odor in homes and other buildings. We understand that going through a fire can be painful, even traumatic. We’ll work with you on the cleanup process, helping to restore the premises – including neutralization of smoke odors. The last thing you want is lingering smoke triggering memories of the fire. Our crews will work tirelessly to remove smoke odor from surfaces, floors, ceilings, walls, furniture and more. We’ll inspect the premises beforehand to provide an accurate estimate of the job ahead; then do another inspection afterwards to make sure we’ve gotten all the smoke odor out of your home or building.

Most definitely! Cooking at home is not just a necessity for many people – it’s a passion. With cooking comes food odor, oil & grease – and the risk of grease fires and smoke from the kitchen. For all kinds of food odor and smoke odor, count on Enviropure for a deep cleaning in your Ottawa home. Whether you are preparing to list your home on the market, have just bought a home or simply want to refresh your home, we can help.

When it comes to getting rid of smoke odor that’s ingrained in fabrics such as carpets, drapes, furniture and more, it really depends on the type of fabric, the material underneath (in the case of carpet or furniture), the duration and intensity of exposure to smoke, etc. There are cases where the carpet, for example, has reached or surpassed its intended lifespan. It might be time to replace that carpet, rug or drapery. In other cases, we are able to “rescue” the fabric with our smoke odor neutralization process. Furniture presents similar challenges; for extreme cases you may opt to replace or reupholster the furniture, if smoke odor neutralization won’t be enough. In many cases, however, we can get smoke odor out of furniture.

We strongly recommend quitting smoking, for the benefit of the person who smokes as well as the health and well-being of the rest of the household. However, if there is someone still smoking in your home, your options include:

  • Insisting they smoke outside (or in the garage in the winter)
  • Having them smoke in one room, e.g. the basement, and having an air filter in place
  • Call on Enviropure for periodic smoke odor cleanings in Ottawa

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