The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

March 14 2023

As winter fades away and the seasons shift, the age-old tradition of deep cleaning begins and a spring cleaning checklist is a great way to facilitate the process. House cleaning as spring begins serves as an official goodbye to winter, a welcome to spring and a way to renew and refresh your surroundings.

However, the chores before you might seem a little overwhelming in their scope and number. So, to help you through this tradition, the team at Enviropure Home Services would like you to know what should be a part of the ultimate spring cleaning checklist.



Going through your belongings to discover what you don’t need, don’t want or won’t need until much later is a great place to start. This allows you to organise your possessions to make them easier to find or make space for newer possessions.

Items in good condition like clothes, toys and household items can be donated to charity or sold. Others that are broken and useless should go in the trash. Other items that won’t be necessary until later in the year, like winter gear, should be stored such that they stay safe and secure.



Spring Cleaning Checklist dusting

Dust tends to accumulate quickly and can get almost anywhere. Breathing it in can cause significant health issues. Dust also accumulates with allergens such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander that can cause or aggravate respiratory problems.

Hence, as part of your spring cleaning checklist, you should clean the dust off all surfaces, window sills, tables, chairs, etc. A duster or a damp cloth will effectively clean up the surfaces.



Not all surfaces that accumulate dust are suitable for dusting. Floors and upholstery also gather dust, along with dirt and other debris. They serve to detract from the visual appeal of the space and pose serious health concerns.

To fully eliminate these contaminants, you need to vacuum the floors, carpets, rugs and upholstery. Vacuum attachments can help you clean up crevices in the upholstery easily. Be sure to vacuum under the furniture and all the hard-to-reach areas.


Window Washing

Windows allow the flow of fresh air and natural light into your house. Keeping them clean ensures that the quality of air coming in is pristine and that the natural light isn’t hindered significantly.

As part of your spring cleaning checklist, you should clean the interior and exterior surfaces of your windows. A squeegee or microfiber cloth with a window cleansing agent will help remove dirt and streaks from the window.


Bathroom Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Checklist bathroom

Bathrooms can hold many harmful microorganisms like bacteria and germs. The moisture they tend to accumulate also leads to the growth of mould and fungi. Given their importance in maintaining personal hygiene, they need to be properly cleaned.

The sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets need to be scrubbed thoroughly to eliminate any buildup of bacteria and grime. A scrub brush and a bathroom cleanser can facilitate the cleaning process.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is one of the most active and important areas in a home. Keeping this area clean is crucial to protecting the food and ensuring a sanitary environment for preparing it.

Hence, cleaning areas like the stovetop, microwave, oven and refrigerator should be on your spring cleaning checklist. Ensure that any spoiled food is disposed of properly and that all countertops and cabinets are wiped down properly.


Enviropure Home Services –  Deep Cleaning for Homes in Ottawa

A spring cleaning checklist is a great way to organise and track your deep cleaning efforts as warm weather fully sets in. With these spring cleaning tips, you should be able to handle all the tasks that come with the job ably.

However, if your schedule can’t allow it or if the cleaning is overwhelming, please contact us to handle it instead. Enviropure Home Services provides excellent cleaning services in Ottawa and the surrounding communities. We understand the need for a deep cleaning and our cleaning crews are skilled and equipped to handle any situation they encounter. Choose us for thorough and effective cleaning services you can trust.

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