Keeping Tidy Between Home Cleaning Services

home-cleaning-ottawa So you’ve made a great decision and hired us for your home cleaning Ottawa needs. You’ve got a spotless home that you, your family and your health are benefitting from, hooray! But between visits, life happens, and the place becomes a mess again. It happens to everyone. Let’s focus on a few tips to keep the house tidy between visits from your home cleaning Ottawa experts.

Leave The Big Messes for Home Cleaning Ottawa, Just Declutter

One of the biggest ways to keep your home tidy between home cleaning Ottawa sessions is to establish daily decluttering habits. Of course when work is busy and the kids have sports practices scheduled one after the other, it’s difficult to keep everything put away – that would be a full time job in itself! But by clearing the cluttered countertops on a weekly basis can really help. Keep trash cans in each room for ease, and get rid of any items you no longer want or need. Teach your children to throw garbage in the trash can. Pick up books and toys after playtime, and teach the kiddos their routines of after play pickup. Keeping the house tidy will give you space to enjoy some quality time with your family between home cleaning Ottawa sessions for the bigger, tougher to clean messes.

home-cleaning-ottawa-spillsClean Immediate Messes

Speaking of those bigger, tougher to clean messes, we’ve all spilled something on our favorite couch or carpet. You might’ve made the risky decision to get white carpet – or for that matter, any carpet that shows stains and spills. While we wish we could be there to soak it up right away, this is a duty you’ll have to take into your own hands, and fast. Depending on the spill, you’ll need different products to get it out or soak it up, and different techniques depending on the fabric. Even the most skilled home cleaning Ottawa staff will have a difficult time cleaning a dried stain, so make certain that you attend to stains when they are still wet.  Your home cleaning Ottawa team will handle the bigger, tougher messes!

Organize A Chore Listhome-cleaning-ottawa-products

For those of you having a difficult time knowing where to start with all the home cleaning Ottawa between session needs, start a list of chores. An easy way to organize them is by frequency; daily, weekly, monthly is a good place to start. By knowing all the chores that need to get done around the house, and spacing them out between visits from your home cleaning Ottawa team, you can spend less time worrying about what isn’t clean. Having one person to clean the entire home gets overwhelming, and hardly ever gets done. Teach the kids to get involved by assigning them chores, and having them help out with a few responsibilities around the house. Ask them to sweep the kitchen floors, tidy the table after dinner, or clean the windows as fun activities that help you keep the place spic and span.