What’s Hiding in Your Carpet? Dust, Dust Mites & Other Allergens At Home

January 1 2021

Having carpet in your home is a solid and fairly popular flooring option here in Ottawa.

Top-quality carpet also adds comfort and warmth to your home or office.

However, many home owners may not be aware of the dangers that could be hiding in the carpet. Carpets attract a wide span of hazardous particles, pollutants, allergens, microorganisms, germs, bacteria and more.

Dirty carpet can endanger your health, decrease your indoor air quality and create unpleasant odours. Fortunately, you can easily solve these problems by hiring a professional Ottawa carpet cleaning service. Let’s see what hides in your carpet and how it endangers your health.

Soil and Dirt: Carpet Cleaning Essentials

The average home is quite efficient at accumulating dirt and dust, as is your carpet.

Dirt and dust are quickly brought in from outside. Once they’re inside your home, finding their way to your carpet is the logical next step – and we’re not just talking about the carpet surface.

No matter how often you vacuum, you can only remove up to 85% (in the best case scenarios, and that depends on the quality of the vacuum, filters, etc.) of soil, dust and dirt from your carpet. The rest stays there, permanently.

Skin Flakes, Dander, and Pet Hair in Your Carper

cute puppy dog on carpet at homeStatistics show that the average person sheds up to 1.5 million skin flakes daily.

There are also microscopic insects, such as mites, ticks, and fleas that feed on dander and skin flakes on your carpet.

Your carpet appears as a perfect home for these bugs with plenty of food to go around.

You can get rid of dead skin cells by regularly vacuuming and washing your carpets. It will also help reduce the amount of pet hair in your carpet, a well-known allergen for most people.

Regular carpet cleaning is essential to eliminating these potential health risks, and it makes your home smell much nicer.

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Bugs Living in the Carpet

toddler playing on carpetBed bugs are almost native to your home carpets.

It’s a home for several species of bugs, dust mites, and fleas.

Mites are known allergens, as their waste and molted skin cause allergies to the majority of people.

Removing bugs from your carpet is essential to keeping your home healthy. That’s why hiring professional carpet cleaning in Ottawa is a great way to keep your home clean.

Bacteria, Mold and Mildew Affect Carpet, Too

bad cat soils carpet at homeJust because you can’t see mildew, mold, or bacteria, it doesn’t mean these pollutants and allergens aren’t present in your carpet.

Carpet fibres are an excellent environment for staphylococcus, E. coli, and other pathogens such as salmonella.

Wet and warm environments such as your carpet are simply perfect for mildew and mold.

Regular carpet cleaning is the most effective way to actually prevent the formation of these dangerous pollutants.

Professional Ottawa Carpet Cleaning Services

For thorough and professional carpet cleaning in Ottawa, count in Enviropure.

Our Ottawa carpet cleaning services include removal of stains, odours, and all potential pollutants/allergens that might inhabit your home carpets.

Get in touch with us today to get your free quote for high quality, professional carpet cleaning in Ottawa. Let’s work together to make your home the safe, healthy, comfortable and attractive place to live that you deserve.

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