5 Reasons To Choose Enviropure Homes (Why They’re The Right Choice For You!)

An image of generic household cleaning products. Enviropure has been one of the top cleaning services in Ottawa for the past 8 years. Our reputation precedes us in the market as we have been certified, licensed, insured and always promise to provide our customers with the best cleaning services in Ottawa. Here are five reasons why we are proud of our services and truly believe we are the best at what we do.

Green Cleaning:

EnviroPure uses green chemicals that guarantee you and your family safe cleaning products. Other cleaning services in Ottawa use ingredients that can be harmful to your eyes, skin and more importantly, the air you and your family breathe. These toxic fumes, over prolonged use, can lead to illness and even disease. Not only do our cleaning products provide a safe as well as clean environment, but we take it one step further in providing recyclable and bfiodegradable packaging. 

Perfect For A Busy Lifestyle: Cartoon image of a man bogged down by having so much to do.

If you are busy with work and have little time for tedious cleaning, we are definitely the most convenient option for you. We can make sure that your house will be taken care of as we offer the best Ottawa cleaning services and equally provide a wide range of specialized services such as nursing, housekeeping, personal support and more. This will then give you the time to take care of your personal life and not waste your free time on monotonous house chores.

Best Ottawa Cleaning Service:

 For the past 8 years, we have had the best experienced workers Ottawa has to offer. This has been recognized by our customers through our great performance reviews and high customer return ratio. Our workers have received the best possible training that allows them to tackle any problem that may arise, trust us. Our crews are very well organized and practice surely has made perfect! We have experienced everything over the years and made sure that no complications such as over-bookings, late arrivals, miscommunications can ever occur. For a full list of our Ottawa services, please refer to our link below https://www.enviropurehome.com/home-inspection/

A family embracing new baby in the family.

Better For Your Family:

As previously mentioned, we offer green and reliable cleaning services in Ottawa and therefore, you can entrust that your home will be cleaner, and have a safer environment for you and your family. Our services are guaranteed by a contract, so you can always count on us to provide that certainty for your home environment.


Honest & Fair Pricing:

EnviroPure provides you with a Free consultation as well as a fair and honest business run right here in Ottawa.We take pride in our strong client customer relationship and aim to keep it that way.Our reputation means everything and therefore, will always do our best to provide fair pricing and unmatched deals for our customers. In doing so, we hope to receive referrals from people like yourself, so trust us when we say we will provide you with the best possible price you can get for our top notch cleaning services.

To receive your free consultation, please email us at info@enviropure.pmdms.com or feel free to contact our Ottawa location at (613) 513-7873. We are looking forward to hearing from you!