Why Getting Your Indoor Air Quality Testing Is More Important Now Than Ever

February 16 2021

Maintaining a clean home should always be high on everyone’s to-do lists, but nowadays its importance is even greater thanks to research and developments with indoor air quality.

While many people focus only on the dusty areas and surfaces, what we really need to be thinking more about is what could potentially be lurking in the air – the things we cannot see but could be breathing. What kind of harm could this be posing to our health, and the health of our families?

With millions of people retreating to their homes and spending time inside more than ever, indoor air quality is playing an increasingly crucial role in our health.

More Time Indoors – Greater Focus on Indoor Air Quality

Not many people warm up to the thought of opening the windows in the winter to let the fresh air in. That’s especially true here in Ottawa and around these parts of Canada, where winters can be quite harsh.

mother and child at homeHaving the windows closed for weeks or months on end, however, can lead to a lot of stale air full of dust particles. This alone is hardly ideal for your health.

With the spring season approaching, people tend to start opening their windows to enrich their rooms with fresh air and oxygen, but springtime isn’t as great for everyone. With it also come spring allergies.

With the COVID-19 virus still posing a threat, we still are spending more time in our homes. The current health situation is complicated for almost everyone, and more and more people are finding it difficult to lead a healthy life during these challenging times.

Not Only More Time Indoor, But More People Breathing the Air in Our Homes

With the COVID-19 virus outbreak, many companies were forced to reduce their capacity or close their doors temporarily.

man with child at homeMore and more people have been working from home.

With quarantine limiting the freedom of movement, most people have remained in their warm homes, leaving home only when absolutely necessary.

Now, households are filled with families who are working and studying from home. The homes are overcrowded like never before, which can result in decreased indoor air quality.

That’s why, no matter how clean our furniture or countertops may be, it’s still important to clean the air too.  Here at Enviropure we offer indoor air quality testing services, letting you find out how healthy the air you’re breathing in is.

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Risks of Untested Air

Untested indoor air can be a cause of countless conditions.

Indoor air quality contaminants can contain the following:

  • air pollutants, including ground-level ozone, particle pollution, and carbon dioxide
  • viruses, including COVID-19
  • humidity, which can be below or above the recommended
  • chemicals used when cleaning and disinfecting

woman breathing indoor airThese can lead to more mild or severe conditions and health issues when a person is exposed to poor air quality for a longer period.

Some of the most common health conditions linked to bad air quality include:

  • ageing of lungs
  • decreased lung capacity and function
  • respiratory conditions, including asthma and bronchitis
  • virus and bacteria illnesses, including COVID-19
  • higher possibility of cancer

Why take unnecessary risks? It’s never been easier or more important to test the indoor air quality in our homes.

Book Now for Your Indoor Air Quality Testing in Ottawa

Indoor air quality testing is an essential part of maintaining a clean and healthy household.

With allergies on their way and the still-present effects of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, your indoor air could be posing a serious threat to your health.

Contact Enviropure today to book your indoor air quality testing, and get peace of mind knowing what could be lurking in the air so that you can keep a clean and healthy home for all.

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